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Illegal Deported After Raping 12-year-old Rediscovered at Same Home Years Later


Illegal “has shown total disregard our country’s laws and borders,” says U.S. attorney

A previously deported illegal alien from El Salvador was caught again living in the same home where he had once committed a sex crime against a minor.

Ubaldo Adonay Moran-Arevalo was ordered deported in 2005 after he was discovered to be living in the US illegally.

He never showed up to his court hearing, however, and subsequently evaded capture.

In the meantime, he stayed with a family where he sexually abused a 12-year-old girl.

WTKR reports:

Moran-Arevalo was not caught, however, until several months later when the victim discovered him hiding under her bed after she had showered and changed for school. She reported his conduct to her middle school guidance counselors, who contacted the police.

Federal authorities found him after he was arrested, charged, and convicted of an aggravated felony for aggravated sexual battery of a victim less than 13 years old. Moran-Arevalo served only a year in jail and received a five-year probation sentence. He was removed at taxpayer expense in 2009 after finishing his jail sentence.

After his deportation, and despite being on probation, Moran-Arevalo again returned to the United States and went to live at the same home where he’d previously abused the minor. Fortunately, the previous family had moved out by then, but to make matters worse “there were multiple other children living in the residence,” reports WTKR.

Additionally, he was caught driving while inebriated and without a license last year.

“Federal authorities found Moran-Arevalo again in 2018, after he had been arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated and driving without a license,” states a DoJ press release. “He was convicted of those charges shortly before entering federal custody.”

The attorney for the eastern district of Virginia held up Moran-Arevalo as emblematic of the typical illegal alien criminal who completely disregards law and order and US immigration policies.

“Moran-Arevalo has shown total disregard our country’s laws and borders,” said U.S. Attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger. “Previously, Moran-Arevalo sexually abused a minor victim while he was evading deportation, then quickly reentered the United States illegally and committed more crimes that put the safety of our communities at risk.”

ICE Acting Field Office Director Lyle A. Boelens also condemned the El Salvadoran national’s repeated illegal re-entries, saying he put children’s lives at risk.

“In this case, a child was not even safe in her own home because, not once but twice, an individual illegally entered the United States to further violate our laws and continue his dangerous criminal behavior.”

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