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Illinois Town Posts Job Opening… For Democrats Only



you happen to live in or around Joliet Township in Illinois, located
a bit to the southwest of Chicago, and you happen to be looking for
work, there’s some good news coming your way. The Township is
looking to hire a new clerk. If you’re interested, the job will
entail many of the tasks you’d likely expect, including answering
phones, filing and making copies. There is one special requirement,
however. You have to be a Democrat to apply. A help-wanted ad in the
suburbs raised eyebrows this week – with its suggestion that only
Democrats need apply. Such a restriction would be illegal. The ad
was posted by the Joliet Township government. They are looking for a
part-time deputy town clerk. The job listing included the
requirement that the candidate “must have voted in a Democratic
primary election.” Illinois uses a closed primary system, so the
only way you could have voted in the primary was if you’re a
registered Democrat. This is obviously a problem According to the
Illinois Equal Employment Opportunity Law, they can’t do that. The
second sentence in the state’s public policy statement reads,
“Political affiliation and views will not be considered in hiring,
assignment of work, evaluations, or discipline (including


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