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Imposter Biden is senile. This is simply true. [Video]


Joe “the Imposter” is out of his mind. This is what happens to many old people. As Tucker Carlson notes in the forthcoming video clip, this is the fate that will befall a great many of us. There is nothing wrong with this.

But it is terribly irresponsible for the forces that wanted to take over the United States to put a senile man in the White House as the puppet for them to direct. This is also just – cruel. However, Joe Biden unhappily serves the will of his masters, partly because he has the same lines of thought himself (when he has a line of thinking), and so his predisposition plus his senility makes him a very effective marionette.

Now, Dear Reader, if you will indulge me, I will offer a bit of speculation. You can do with it what you will, but here goes:

The policy directions enacted through Joe Biden are effective, that is, for this as yet not quite known (but not quite unknown) regiment of what I will call the Great Resetters. In President Trump’s term, these people were known as the Deep State, and I will propose, speculatively, that these are two somewhat different groups of people, with overlapping priorities. From what we have seen, both in President Trump’s term and Joe Biden’s imprisonment in the Oval, these objectives appear to be evident:

  1. To disrupt the American government from being able to control its own borders.
  2. To set groups of people against one another, based largely on lines of race and political ideology.
  3. Christians are to be considered a particularly despised group of people under the conditions of #2 above.
  4. To blow apart any notion of American foreign policy effectiveness. ** (read more about this)
  5. To remove the United States of America from the world stage as a dominant power, and in so doing, to allow some other power to become dominant (and I do not think that this other power is any particular nation-state, not even China).

These objectives are operative in the United States, but they fit in with a very similar set of objectives being pressed all over the world.

  1. To disrupt all nation-state sovereignty through the use of virus-protection and vaccine mandates
  2. At the same time, to prevent travel and commerce of regular citizens from nation to nation. For some reason, we are supposed to stay wherever we are.
  3. To press global injection with “Vaccines” that are already showing both that they are dangerous, even deadly, and unsurprisingly, ineffective against COVID-19, the genetically engineered chimeric virus that was designed to make vaccines themselves of no effect. (Thank God this disease is not more deadly than it actually is!)
  4. In freezing international travel, there seems to be some purpose. Perhaps this is in line with the idea that planes make pollution and that it is the big play for carbon control.

I do not know for sure that these things are happening. But it certainly looks like what is happening. The big question is “why?” and the other big question is “who is orchestrating this?”

These questions are based solely on observation and speculation. There are not any reports (yet) that specifically and precisely define who these people are and what they want, except for those reports circulating in “conspiracy theory” circles. To be sure, those conspiracy theories may be correct, but it also may be very simple: A world which has placed tremendous reliance on self and not on Christianity is simply doing what every nation which ever did this same thing does: it falls apart.

In a piece earlier this week, I proposed that the problems in the United States stem from that country’s overall rejection of Christianity, even the theologically imperfect Protestant foundations upon which it was built. Christianity is not always understood correctly even and especially by its own adherents, but usually, as long as we try to do what is pleasing to God, whatever errors in understanding we have usually get fixed over time. But throw all of this away, and we are simply left with ourselves and a vacuum of protection, in which the dark powers revel and do everything they can to get us to annihilate ourselves and one another.

It is probably that simple. Maybe there is no “little group” of men running everything. It is just the manifestation of “No Jesus, No Peace” versus “Know Jesus, Know Peace.”

This is a pithy statement, but history bears it out. Among all true followers of Christ comes good orderly direction.

Joe Biden is false, he is not a Christian in terms of how he is disposed policy-wise, and so the poor man is powerless to stop the things that are being acted through and by his own decisions (or those directions which he is given.)

This is very sad. Even from a strictly humanist point of view, the notion that anybody would take a senile old man and use him in this way is disgusting. This almost overshadows that element in which Joe Biden himself participates, his own personal arrogance and disregard for what is good, right, beautiful, just, holy, pure and true. Together, they are creating a disaster. This disaster is a signal, a warning, telling us that a change needs to take place in how we view ourselves and our nation.

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