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In Flint city council meeting, top official’s lawyer threatens to ‘crack’ councilman ‘across the head’



A lawyer representing a top official of Flint, Michigan, threatened to assault a Flint city councilman during a council meeting on Wednesday, while a community activist said the city’s finance director called him a “c–ksucker” at the previous city council meeting.

It is the latest example of the dysfunction of the local leadership of the sub-100,000-person city, whose officials were put in charge of spending nearly $700 million in state and local funds to fix problems with lead in water.

National Democratic political figure frequently cite Flint as an example of injustice, but few national media outlets or politicians have shown interest in how $647 million in state and federal funds have been used, instead positioning Flint Mayor Karen Weaver as an expert.

Beset by allegations of bid-rigging to send recovery funds to a politically-connected firm owned by a former NBA player, and facing severe budget problems, Weaver’s administration — which previously froze out the only local paper — has now also begun refusing to provide information to the city council, council members said.

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