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Indictment Of Epstein’s Guards Expected But Raises More Questions


Today a grand jury indictment was released against two prison guards on duty the day Jeffrey Epstein “hung himself”. The indictment was exactly what was expected and previously reported. The charges were for falsifying government documents and producing falsified documents that obstructed justice by hindering the investigation in Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

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The two men charged in this indictment were offered a plea deal last week. Plea offers are presented to individuals who are facing criminal charges. They refused the plea deal, thus the U.S. Attorney took the case to a grand jury that returned the indictment.

The FBI and the Department of Justice’s Inspector General were and are investigating the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death. During their ongoing investigation, they discovered severe issues of understaffing at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) and non-guard employees picking up guard shifts.

We know that over 20 employees of the MCC have been subpoenaed in the month of August alone. The narrative is that the guards were working overtime because of staffing shortages, but our sources say that was not the case.

Attorney General William Barr — said investigators found “serious irregularities” at the jail — he also stated that the FBI’s investigation was being stymied because witnesses were uncooperative.

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It is important to note that the warden of the MCC was reassigned to desk duty at a regional office.

According to the indictment, on weekdays the inmate checks needed to be done at 1600, 2200, 0000, 0300, and 0500. On most units one guard walks tier to tier and headcounts each visible inmate in each cell. Jeffrey Epstein was housed in the SHU, and therefore, according to the regulations stipulated by BOP (Bureau of Prisons) and MCC(Manhattan Correctional Center), two officers are required to walk the SHU tier to tier and obtain a headcount of each inmate they observe in a cell.

Every time they complete the checks, they fill out a slip with any irregularities along with the headcount. When completed. it is signed and sent off for clearing. The SHU requires BOTH officers’ signatures. Both officers signed the slip and sent it to the CONTROL CENTER (CC). The CC then enters that the specific wing is cleared on the system. If there is any wrong, incomplete, or missing information the status of the wing is documented as not cleared.

According to the indictment, at 8 am on August 9, 2019, Epstein’s cellmate was transferred out of MCC in a pre-arranged transfer. No new cellmate was assigned.

TOVA NOEL, one of the defendants named in the indictment, was assigned as one of the officers taking post at the SHU from August 9, 2019 at 1600, ending his shift on August 10, 2019 at 0800. Between the hours of 1600 and 0000, two other unnamed officers were on duty with Noel. Officer 1 was working in the SHU from 1400-2200, and the other officer (Officer 2) was assigned between 1600-0000. At 0000, Michael Thomas began his shift that was to end at 0800 with Noel.


1600 – CHECK Officer 1 and Noel did not conduct the headcount according to MCC internal video surveillance. Nevertheless, they signed the count slip with knowingly false information.

At 1949, Jeffrey Epstein was escorted back to his cell at the SHU after his attorney visit by both Officer 1 and Noel.

2200 – CHECK At 2200, or shortly before all inmates at MCC were locked in their cells for the night, Noel and OFFICER 2 did not conduct the headcount according to MCC’s CCTV and knowingly falsified information on the count slip they sent to the Control Center.

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CCTV footage caught NOEL briefly walking up to the DOOR of the tier where Epstein was housed and then back. Throughout the whole evening, no one even came near the SHU threshold, the door of the tier, or conducted ANY headcounts.

At 0000, Michael Thomas (the other named defendant in this indictment) joined Tova Noel for duty. Between the time Thomas arrived and Epstein was discovered, they falsified 3 count slips 0000,0300, and 0500, claiming that headcounts were conducted when they hadn’t even reached the threshold of the tiers. Throughout the evening one took a nap, they browsed the internet for furniture and motorcycle sales, and had only two visitors. The first visitor was the overnight supervisor that briefly talked to the officers as they sat behind their desks at around 0400. At around 0530, another correctional officer simply walked through the SHU common area according to the CCTV footage.

In short, no one executed rounds every 30 minutes or conducted ANY headcounts. Throughout the entire night, NO ONE entered the tier in which Epstein was housed.

At around 0600, August 10, 2019, Noel and Thomas received the breakfast carts into the SHU. Shortly after 0630 they walked and entered the tier where Epstein was housed to serve breakfast. At 0633 the SHU alarm was activated. Epstein was found alone in his cell with a noose around his neck.

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The supervisor, Supervisor-1 showed up. Noel immediately confessed that they had not completed 0300 and 0500 rounds. Thomas also confessed too, admitting “we messed up”, “I messed up”, and urging Supervisor-1 to blame him not Noel. Tova Noel is the female officer.

They have been charged with six counts, all relating to falsifying government documents, government records, and using those falsified documents and records to obstruct justice and or impeded on an investigation.

It is unknown if Officer 1, Officer 2, and Supervisor 1 are facing indictments or offered plea deals. All we know is that Epstein’s roommate was curiously transferred on August 9, 2019, and that Epstein passed away between 2000 – 0630 when he was found. That is a time span of at least 10 hours.

According to sources, the “noose” has not been referenced, reported to have been examined forensically, and the circumstances of HOW Epstein managed to execute the incredible feat of hanging himself violently is still unknown.

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