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Industrial revolution of the XXI century: how it looks like now?


The issue of the scheduling working process has been under great consideration for centuries. The XXI century is not an exception. Contemporary matter makes emphasis on the preference of the newest generation workforce whether to choose remote work or in the cubicle. Actually it depends upon the strengths and gaps both employees and the team leader (manager). Moreover, it has specific benefits and drawbacks.

Speaking about the more advantages of distributed workplaces, I should enumerate flexibility that has presented a great value recently and saving the commute time. Also some people notice more productivity working at home. As for the bosses, advantages appear in employer’s big savings (it includes rent for the office, bills for public utilities, wear-and-tear, etc.), possible cutting workforce by 40 per cent a day. We’ve seen a lot of specific examples of organizations that leads to saving by creating more shared workspaces.

Obviously there are some disadvantages of distributed work. For example, people may be under great stress working at home as they’re working all the time, not being able to turn off. At the same time, not many leaders have an appropriate skill set to manage the staff remotely and it may lead to the following problem. Employees may crave a return to the communal workspace, but really it won’t be an easy task, because the statistics says that one out of every five would prefer to work from home full-time…

In fact, nowadays we’re observing the biggest distributed work pilot in history all of a sudden introduced. Still it is under question whether it has been done deliberately or is it just one more effect after the COVID hit, but the result is clearly understandable – there is a new normal of remote work.

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