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Internet Orders Tactical Meme Strike Against John Bolton Over Abrupt Firing


We mustache you to check out these memes for national security

Infowars.com –

September 11, 2019

Anti-war Americans celebrated after President Trump fired John Bolton from his post as National Security Advisor on Tuesday.

The jubilance over Bolton’s departure was so great that the internet launched Operation Whiskers, a strategic meme campaign against the mustachioed neocon shortly after President Trump announced his dismissal. So far, there have been no casualties other than the designated target.

#John_Bolton‘s new job ? pic.twitter.com/8yJVLxGiDm

— Ali Malik (@AliMali04016339) September 10, 2019

Amazed it took this long to get a quality John / Mike Bolton mashup. (ht @Todd_Spence) pic.twitter.com/ZNk2pdE864

— ian bremmer (@ianbremmer) September 11, 2019

John Bolton Hired As National Security Advisor Of The Galactic Empirehttps://t.co/QaJ9qvnr3l

— The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) September 10, 2019

Trump: “Hey John, can you come in here a sec? Shut the door.”

Bolton: “What can I do for you, Mr. President?”

Trump: “John, I mustache you for your resignation.”


— Siraj Hashmi (@SirajAHashmi) September 10, 2019

New #TinaToon Goodbye “WAR-russ” #JohnBolton #YoureFired

John “Never met a War I didn’t like” Bolton disagrees and claims he resigned. No matter, the old “WAR-russ” is gone.

https://t.co/2O0jsxdBki pic.twitter.com/yCECVbZ158

— GrrrGraphics Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) September 11, 2019


— Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules) September 11, 2019

BREAKING: John Bolton’s mustache has been lowered to half-mast pic.twitter.com/ocnEym7Y6f

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) September 10, 2019

Exclusive video footage of John Bolton leaving the White House:#Maddow pic.twitter.com/gDOh7CVkHb

— You Know More Now (@YouKnowMoreNow) September 11, 2019

Bye bye @AmbJohnBolton pic.twitter.com/yBQLRIOiiR

— Anti_Taxxer (@anti_taxxer) September 10, 2019


— Penny Rodriguez (@PRodriguez1984) September 11, 2019

#MustacheMushroomCloud pic.twitter.com/6TUzafsaq4

— Kelen McBreen (@Kelenmcbreen) September 11, 2019


— Jamie White (@WhiteIsTheFury) September 11, 2019

*Oval Office*

Bolton: My resignation letter Mr President

Trump: You’re fired!

Bolton: But I resigned..

Trump: In My big a brain I fired you first so the letter means nothing

Bolton :……….. OK?

Trump: Leave the mustache

Bolton: What?!

Trump: I said LEAVE THE MUSTACHE pic.twitter.com/ePT6lo7Y8D

— (@stpeteyontweety) September 10, 2019

John Bolton as the Mouth of Sauron. pic.twitter.com/c5qMDgG6LL

— Adan Salazar (@AdanSalazarWins) September 11, 2019

True #911Anniversary pic.twitter.com/YDs99rCwsE

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) September 11, 2019

John Bolton leaves the White House. pic.twitter.com/fkLaQ7tcaQ

— Tjeerd Royaards (@Royaards) September 11, 2019

tfw u won’t get to invade iran pic.twitter.com/3bUvmQv7eK

— David Mack (@davidmackau) September 10, 2019

Bolton’s coworkers are distraught. https://t.co/t93KWSxCv0

— Philip Bump (@pbump) September 10, 2019

John Bolton exit interview. pic.twitter.com/j6KvPzWpqh

— Robert A George (@RobGeorge) September 10, 2019

Now what am I supposed to do with all my Bolton memes…?? pic.twitter.com/FkcPgVaFLc

— ??FalconInTheDesert?? (@cbowers1057) September 10, 2019


— ✌?Pike Mence✌? (@mence_pike) September 10, 2019

Somewhere in a casting office, a headshot of John Bolton was just pinned to the board for “Dancing with the Stars” Season 29. pic.twitter.com/d0RYCJLZd1

— Late Night with Seth Meyers (@LateNightSeth) September 10, 2019


— Jamie White (@WhiteIsTheFury) September 11, 2019

Others mocked neocon Ben Shapiro for condemning Trump’s decision to fire Bolton.


— Carpe Donktum? (@CarpeDonktum) September 10, 2019



Your tears being spilled over Bolton, a person responsible for unimaginable death and destruction through the world, taste extra good today. Keep crying Shapiro you really expose who you really are by doing this. pic.twitter.com/KYstfBbUhl

— Currie Dobson (@Ventuckyspaz) September 10, 2019


— Will Finchman (@WillFinchman) September 11, 2019

President Trump has taken action by firing John Bolton and has vowed to take on big tech censorship.

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