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Is The Donald’s Trump Card Secretary Ross?


Over the past couple of months we have reported on the most probable money laundering bank for the Democrats. In fact, everything that aligns with the DNC, their NGO “causes,” Soros, Soros “causes,” and more bank with Amalgamated Bank. Amalgamated Bank is almost EXCLUSIVELY the bank for all labor unions’ DEPOSITORY ACCOUNTS in the USA and Canada.

Do you pay union dues? Amalgamated Bank manages your union dues. Amalgamated Bank decides who they “lend” your hard earned union dues and pension contributions to. Don’t believe it? Here is the CEO of Amalgamated Bank telling you just that (01:09:00).

That is what we do with all the deposits that all of you (UNIONS) put in our institution. How do we lend them (your deposits) out with IMPACTFUL loans that make a contribution to society?

CEO of Amalgamated Bank & Democracy Alliance


Amalgamated Bank is almost a textbook operation to that of the scandalous laundering bank BCCI that took down global nefarious rings and operations being able to fund terrorist activities, human/child trafficking, and drug cartels, to name a few. It’s the left-wing shadow money moving infrastructure that labor unions created by imposing mandatory member dues. Did you know that almost 42% of American households that contribute to union dues vote Republican?

Their voices are muffled and silenced because of this intimate relationship between the swampy DNC and Amalgamated Bank. Their dues are literally funding their campaigns. Their union dues are funding candidates they do not support. It’s almost like how our federal tax dollars were funding abortions without the consent of the taxpayers!

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In fact, your union dues are also funding PROTESTS! About a fortnight ago in a loomered.com exclusive, we suggested that UNION money is funding protesters. During the Fourth Democratic Debate Millennial Millie discovered that indeed this notion was correct. Below is her video report including an interview with one Loomered.US investigative journalist from September 18, 2019. (HERE)

Incredibly, in the past two weeks Amalgamated Bank’s stock has tanked. Timing is everything.


In 2011 after the Occupy Wall street expose, the bank was found to be in hot water by the FDIC. In fact, they found them guilty of issuing loans they never tried to collect! That is exactly what the BCCI did.

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There was an enforcement action, according to Bloomberg, because it allegedly allowed many “loans” to be delinquent, with negative accounts collecting dust, but never “written off”. The bank itself wrote out NEW loans to cover the loans that were sitting in the red idly so they don’t have to list them. That sounds eerily identical to what BCCI did!

Amalgamated Bank was bailed out within the time frame demanded by the courts. Vulture “angel” investors swooped in to save them. One of them (coined the KING of BANKRUPTCY), who is now sitting in the Trump Administration Cabinet, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Ross then bailed them out, contributing to their $100 Mil deficit in exchange for 20% of their company.

Ross owns 20% of the bank. This means he owns 20% of every pen, dollar, chair, and everything AMALGAMATED BANK does. Amalgamated Bank is funding the DNC. They just gave them a $10 MIL line of credit, even though they are broke!

That means that the Secretary of Commerce is FUNDING the DNC!!!

Before you explode into a tirade, let’s look at both sides of the coin. He may be a plant. A plant sitting in the cabinet and leaking everything about the Trump Administration to the nefarious, evil leftists like Adam Schiff! Indeed he could be and if that is the case, he will be resigning soon.


April 2011, this happened.

In the late 1980s, Donald Trump found himself in trouble after he expanded into the Resorts International Casinos in Atlantic City. The real estate market was in shambles. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. He was facing bankruptcy. Wilbur Ross, the KING OF BANKRUPTCY, stepped in to tie him over until his deal to sell the PLAZA went through. Turned out, the angel investment helped him sell the land along the Hudson River. Here is Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran’s salty, but truthful explanation of how he did it. #Genius

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How Wilbur Ross met Donald Trump: Business is business

In the summer of 2011, the FDIC cracked down on Amalgamated Bank.

Wilbur Ross saves Amalgamated Bank in the final hour.

The Donald’s Trump Card

“The Donald’s Trump Card” was the title of a 1992 Bloomberg article about how Donald J. Trump recovered from mistakes and became even bigger and better. My motto is that all your mistakes and failures are badges and should be worn with pride. President Trump seems to follow such an ideology. Could this be the moment where we followed the money to the source and we pull the plug?

  • How do you stop terrorism? Shut their funding down.
  • How do you stop criminal organizations? Shut their funding down.
  • How do you stop a coup? Shut their funding down.

Sec. Ross owns 20%. He has access to everything. He can see everything. One thing he can do is liquidate his share and send them into bankruptcy before a Democrat is ever elected into the White House to bail them out. The Democratic Party would dissolve in a matter of days and many people will be headed to jail.

Good thing we have that executive order President Trump put in place where we can confiscate properties, bank accounts and more to remedy the wrong. Pelosi and Blumenthal are pretty rich, that could cover a sizable chunk.

Is Nadler being deposed Nervous Nancy?

Imagine, legislators in Texas are using taxpayer dollars to collect union dues? When did union dues become government control? Why so crazy about collecting dues?

The DNC, Obama For America, Victory Fund, Hillary for America, Get Ready for Hillary, and many more failed democratic campaigns are relying on a Democrat win to bail the bank out. The bank is broke and the Democrats will have to explain to all the hard working Americans, who have been paying dues and contributing to pensions, where their money is since the bank has spent it- on loans to “causes” and campaigns. This is criminal and intentional. They know this. This has been going on for a very long time.

Presidential Elections: 2016 burned a hole in the bank


The victory fund has transferred $3.8 million to the state parties, but almost all of that cash ($3.3 million, or 88 percent) was quickly transferred to the DNC usually within a day or two by the Clinton staffer who runs the committee, POLITICO’s analysis of the FEC records found.


If I paid union dues or pay into a union pension I would be asking questions. Isn’t it ironic that most union-paid households are Republicans They consider YOU the deplorable, yet you are funding all of their campaigns, protests, and activities.

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