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Israel Denies Entry To HAMAS Cheerleaders Omar and Tlaib


Over 3 weeks ago, Israel received an application for Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to visit Israel. Their applications sparked discussion both in Washington and Israel considering both Omar and Tlaib have demonstrated anti-semitic behavior and language in the past and have made considerable efforts to pass a BDS bill allowing the United States to boycott Israel.

Late morning on August 15, 2019, it was announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied entry to both congresswomen from visiting Israel. The MSM (mainstream media) is purporting that President Trump’s tweet on Thursday morning reinforced the notion that the two women hate Israel, and Israel allowing them entry would make them look weak.

According to sources, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was advised on August 14, 2019 of Israel’s decision to ban the two congresswomen. In fact, the Israeli Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Security, Head of Israeli National Security Council and their Attorney General, met to discuss the issue of Omar and Tlaib visiting Israel for their scheduled trip from August 18 to August 22, 2019.

For the last two weeks, discussions have been taking place regarding Omar and Tlaib’s plans to visit Israel because Omar and Tlaib, by supporting BDS, are in violation of Israeli law.

Israeli politicians agreed that it would be best to deny the two openly pro HAMAS Congresswomen entry into Israel.

On Tuesday, members of the Knessett received a copy of Ilhan Omar’s itinerary to be approved for security detail. At that time, they were still debating whether to retreat on the laws they have in place that render both Omar and Tlaib ineligible for entry for the sake of political calamity. Upon review of their itinerary, it was revealed that the Congresswomen only had plans to visit “Palestine”, not Israel, which infuriated members of The Knessett.

It was at that point that the debate got heated and was immediately scheduled for discussion with the Prime Minister and other top level government officials to make the final decision when they recommended that both Omar and Tlaib be denied entry into Israel.

On Wednesday evening, Speaker Pelosi was advised of the decision. As a courtesy, President Trump was then notified and asked how he felt about Israel denying entry to the US Congresswomen. His tweets the following day, August 15, 2019, made it clear. People who advocate against a country, hate the country, don’t recognize the country and seek through their elected positions to harm a country and its people should be deterred from entering that country.

Omar’s itinerary indicated that she was visiting Palestine not Israel. Tlaib’s was the same, but why? The simple answer is because they hate Israel just like the President said. They hate Israel so much that they couldn’t even bring themselves to travel with the bipartisan delegation to Israel which arrived on August 13, 2019, simply because the trip acknowledged Israel’s existence as a nation.

Omar and Tlaib hate Jewish people so much they insisted to travel separate from other members of Congress, and instead traveled as Muslim members on their own agenda on US tax dollars.

The burning question of security: what exactly were they planning to do in “Palestine”?

Security Sources have informed LauraLoomer.Us that the Congresswomen were planning on meeting with supporters of HAMAS, a designated Islamic terrorist organization that both members have refused to condemn.

Omar and Tlaib do NOT recognize the state of Israel

Ilhan Omar was born and raised in Somalia and taught that Israel is not recognized as a nation. In fact, Somalia’s official position is that only Palestine is recognized as a nation and that Israel is illegitimate and considered an enemy of Palestine because they are OCCUPYING Palestine. 

Rashida Tlaib is Palestinian and in turn does not recognize Israel as a nation. In fact, she considers them hostile invaders. Tlaib hates Jews and Israel so much that she publicly stated that the Holocaust gives her a “calming feeling”. Tlaib is also a member of Holocaust denier pages on social media and invited Linda Sarsour as a special guest to her Congressional swearing in ceremony. Sarsour has publicly stated that Jewish people should not be humanized.

She (Omar) was very upset that the trip was labeled as “Israel/Holy Land visit” she wanted it to say “Palestinian Discussions with Israelis” but we couldn’t get it done. She refused to attend the trip and decided to take her own trip with Tlaib and possibly others after the bipartisan trip. She said “I do not bow down to anyone and I will not put my name on anything recognizing authority or stature that I do not agree with”. 

Exclusive Confidential Source at the US House

Both Omar and Tlaib Have Made Anti-Semitic Comments

Omar and Tlaib have helped usher the Democrat party away from Israel, which is the United States’ longest standing ally in the Middle East. Delusional Democratic hopefuls like Kamala Harris ,who pretends she is African American and is pushing for reparations even though her grandfather had a plantation full of slaves, snubbed the Jewish lobby AIPAC.

As a party, the Democrats have not united against BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement) and not a single member of the Democrat Party was in attendance when President Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Soon to be a twice failed Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders’, who is Jewish, has also expressed his support for the BDS movement. Sanders’s position reveals a cancer within the minds of many Left wing Jews in America who have failed to recognize the harm they are inflicting on their own people by supporting an anti-Israel Democrat Party.

Omar and Tlaib’s Jew hatred is nothing new.

Speaker Pelosi has been asked to condemn their anti Semitism multiple times, but has refused to criticize the two Muslim reps.

Instead, she condemned all racists and blamed Omar’s comments on the fact that English isn’t Omar’s first language.

Breaking news! Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are banned from entering Israel! Big thanks to Laura Loomer for being one of first to bring national attention to what she called the Hamas Caucus! And big thanks to @realDonaldTrump for requesting Israel to ban them!

— Reza Zia (@rezazia) August 15, 2019

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer, (a conservative Jewish-American) had warned America about this anti-Semitic movement. She reported on the ties both Omar and Tlaib have with Hamas and other terrorist organizations when both women were still candidates and not elected members of Congress. In fact, Loomer confronted Tlaib and asked her to condemn Hamas. Tlaib refused to do so, and physically assaulted Loomer.

Loomer has been banned and removed from the global cyber community by “Big Tech” for bringing Onar and Tlaib’s Jew hatred to light. What Facebook and Twitter called “hate speech” in 2017 and 2018 was nothing more than facts, truths, and stellar reporting on two anti-Jewish members of Congress.

The Prime Minister of Israel took to Twitter and explained in a thread all of Israel’s reasons for barring the two congresswomen.

Omar and Tlaib received more information and an explanation of the laws justifying their banned status from Israel. Israel has laws disallowing entry for BDS supporters into their country.

Israeli law prohibits the entry into Israel of those who call for and work to impose boycotts on Israel, as do other democracies that prohibit the entry of people who seek to harm the country.

Prime Minister of Israel

On the contrary, many conservatives who have been banned from countries never received an explanation. The conservative voices who have been banned from certain countries, have NEVER incited violence, never worked with terrorists, never campaigned with terrorists, and yet they were banned because their point of view did not align with that of the country who implemented the ban against them.

The US Citizens were banned from nations that are not authoritarian regimes like Brunei, China or Venezuela. In fact, they are countries that claim to be inclusive, accepting and that promote free speech, including the United Kingdom and Australia.

The United Kingdom and Australia have been notorious for such behavior against journalists and private citizens of the United States of America and the MSM did not express outrage, but now they do?

Wait, @robreiner, I was banned from UK for my support of Israel and opposition to jihad terror.

Where were you?

Unlike Tlaib and Omar, I never incited to genocide.

Omar and Tlaib support Nazi-inspired boycott of Jewish state – why shouldn’t they be boycotted there? Reciprocity https://t.co/GLZr4PztJR

— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) August 15, 2019

Omar’s response to the justification of her denial of entry into Israel by the Prime Minister of Israel wasn’t to clarify, refute or object to his statements, but instead it was hateful and gave merit to the valid reasons her entry was denied.

Omar’s response was riddled with hate and blamed the President of the United States for her permanent barred entry status into the country of Israel. She peddled the rhetoric of a “Muslim Ban” which is not accurate and in turn accused Israel of banning Muslims too!

It’s evident Omar sees Israel as an illegitimate nation and her statement made it crystal clear that her intentions to travel separately from the bipartisan House delegation last week were indeed nefarious. Not once did she refute the statements she intended to cause harm and increase incitement against Israel with. Not once did Omar dispute the comments that the organization funding her trip – Miftah- supports the BDS movement and promotes terrorist attacks in Israel. This means that all of the Prime Minister’s comments posted on Twitter were factual. If they weren’t, she would have demonstrated that in her statement laced with hate and detest.

Rashida Tlaib was too embarrassed to even put out a statement. Instead, The Attorney General of the state of Michigan did after Tlaib pandered to the public on being barred from seeing her family, which the Prime Minister made clear in his tweets would be honored as an exception to her barred entry if she made arrangements to visit her family.

What Israel did was necessary to ensure the security of their people. Omar and Tlaib promote hate and division even against the country they are supposed to be serving. Imagine what they are capable of within the borders of a nation they do not acknowledge, that they detest, and pray to be destroyed.

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