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IT BEGINS: Seven Oregon counties vote to join Idaho [Video]


Let’s make a wager that America generally is a traditionally conservative nation. One would not notice this when watching the American news reports, but a bit of close study reveals a few interesting facts:

  • Most of the news of terrible things happening in the US comes from large, Democrat-run cities.
  • People are fleeing those large cities in great numbers
  • The tyrannical “liberal” governments of these cities took major strides deep into crazy over the last year.
  • Liberals do not live in rural areas by and large – they are urbanites, dependent upon an urban social structure.

For the rural counties in certain American states such as Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York and many others, conservatives make up the majority of the population, yet have no political voice in the United States government because they are outnumbered by masses of liberal people who are barely even aware of where their food comes from.

What would your solution be?

Probably what a total of seven Oregon counties have done so far. Jefferson and Union counties in Oregon were the first to vote to leave Oregon for Idaho back in the November elections. On May 18th, Sherman, Lake, Grant, Baker and Malheur Counties also voted to secede from Oregon and join Idaho.

The secession process is moving. This is not the only place this kind of thinking has arisen, but it is the first such move that now has a real paper trail taking shape in the United States. Texas is also considering the move to secede, not to join any other state, but to reform its own republic, an independent nation as it once was.

Should this secession of counties continue (and grow), there is a good chance that most of Oregon, a lot of Washington State and even some of Northern California may all become part of Idaho.

Why Idaho? It is the most conservative state in the US, for one. It is deeply red, almost isolationist, but it also has fantastic natural resources that would only be augmented by the addition of territory from the other states. The increase in population for Idaho, if all interested counties joined, would be enough to gain representation in the US Congress, and it would also mean that the people’s interests were actually heard by their state’s government and its senators and representatives.

As the liberal woke sphere keeps getting more extreme, this option is looking more and more attractive. If it succeeds for Oregon, the next state likely to fragment would likely be Colorado, which also has a highly conservative population that has been overrun by California liberals in Boulder County and through Denver, resulting in one of the strangest governments in the country: a “married” gay man with a partner and children as the governor and a cloud of marijuana fumes that a whole lot of reasonable and sane people would really like to get rid of in that state.

Next might be New York. While “the City” is all but lost to liberal causes, a great deal of New York is very conservative. And so it goes, state by state.

We might end up with actual liberal “city-states” surrounded by rural communities with conservative representation that would be strong enough to offset the overbalance currently existing in our larger state structures. This could even be credited to the Constitution’s founders as genius (we already know the founders were geniuses) but this would be a way that upholds the principle of the Electoral College, and that reinforces the power of low-population rural communities and people who presently are going without representation more and more.

The American Experiment looks like it is about to continue with new steps. Let’s see what happens.

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