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‘It’s Notoriously Bad’: Trump Spokesperson Trashes Fox News Polling With Little Pushback From Network’s Anchor


Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh disparaged Fox News polling while on the network Sunday, saying “it’s notoriously bad.”

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner pointed towards the network’s recent polling showing Trump trailing Biden during a segment Sunday. (RELATED: Democrats Reportedly Cancel Texas Campaign Rallies After Trump Supporters Swarm Biden-Harris Bus)

“No offense, the Fox News poll is always one of the worst, and it’s notoriously bad,” Murtaugh said. “Your main pollster is alway working for failed Democrat candidates and was in fact Tom Steyer’s pollster … it’s a Democrat polling firm and it’s a big one.”

“So we have always discounted Fox News’ polls,” he added.

Murtaugh continued by saying “we’re at the point now in the race where polls are not what we look at — we’re looking at actual votes now.”


Faulkner later responded, “By the way both sides, both campaigns are not thrilled with Fox News polling so maybe we are doing something right. I don’t know.”

Murtaugh responded, saying, “No, I wouldn’t go that far.”

The latest Fox News poll shows Biden’s lead over Trump slightly narrowing, but the polling indicates the president is behind in support with white men, rural voters, and white evangelicals compared with turnout in 2016, as Faulkner noted. (RELATED: Here’s What Police Are Doing Ahead Of Possible Election Unrest)

Nationally, Trump is behind Biden by 7.2%, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, although polling has narrowed in key battleground states including Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania two days before the election.