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It’s Officially March, And That Means It’s Time To Embrace The Chaos And Madness


March has arrived, and that means it’s the best time of the year for college basketball.

This is the month where we get March Madness and the conference tournaments. This is what we train for. This is what we look forward to all year. This is what it’s all about. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

While I’m usually all about order and structure, the month of March is about embracing the madness and chaos that consumes the sport.

It’s officially the start of March. You know what that means! March Madness is here. It’s the greatest month of the year for basketball.

Embrace the chaos, folks. pic.twitter.com/1g8lusdIlr

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) March 1, 2020

If you’re not excited for March Madness, then you’re no fan of mine. You’re probably the kind of person who shows up to a party empty handed.

Don’t be an anti-March Madness and empty-handed kind of guy. Be a pro-March Madness, pro-chaos and pro-carnage kind of guy.

From the moment the first game opens, you have to be locked in and focus. I don’t care if your girlfriend or wife doesn’t like it.

If she’s not okay with you getting drunk with the boys during March Madness, then she’s just not the one for you.

This is the month where legends are made and heroes are born. This is where we find out who is all hype and who is actually built to raise a championship banner.

This is the month where memories that we’ll talk about for years are created.

Get your beer on ice, get your printer ready to pump out copious amounts of brackets and prepare for some serious fun.

I hope you guys are ready for this ride with me because I know I am.

P.S.: You best believe I’m going to insufferable once this tournament gets underway with Wisconsin playing. Prepare yourself because we’re coming for souls.

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