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Jennifer Lopez Does It Again! We Had No Idea Necklines Could Plunge This Low


Jennifer Lopez has done it again after appearing on the March cover of Rolling Stone magazine in a black suit jacket with the lowest neckline ever.

The 52-year-old superstar singer looked absolutely stunning as she posed for the black-and-white cover, going braless in a long-sleeve black jacket with a plunging neckline that went down all the way past her waist. She shared the March cover and other pictures from the shoot Monday on her Instagram. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Stunned Fans On Instagram)

She completed the jaw-dropping look with a short blunt bob cut, black pants and jewelry. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Most Head-Turning Models On Instagram)

Lopez didn’t explain a whole lot about the post, simply captioning it, “@RollingStone March 2022 #IconsAndInfluences @MarryMeMovie #MarryMeMonday: @chriseanrose.”

In another photo, she rocks a white halter top and white pants combination with clear high heels.

The photographer on the set also shared a great clip of behind the scenes of the “Hustlers” shoot for the March issue.

Judging by the video, it looks like the “Marry Me” star had a great time.

The “Jenny From The Block” hitmaker’s social media account is always quite the treat and shows off her incredible fashion sense over and over again.

Check out some of Jennifer’s other unforgettable looks throughout the years on the red carpet and more here.


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