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Jim Gaffigan Veers to the Right, Slams Woke Film Critics


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SJWs destroying comedy and film

Jim Gaffigan isn’t content with his celebrated stand-up career. Yes, Gaffigan returns to his comedy roots via the Amazon Prime exclusive special Quality Time. The special comes on the heels of his 2018 show Noble Ape.

His side hustle, in-demand actor, is getting plenty of attention, too. Consider his impressive turn in last year’s Chappaquiddick and the just-released comedy Being Frank.

The stand-up comic’s new film caught him by surprise, but not for anything in the movie itself. He noticed how professional film critics treated the tale of a man fronting not one but two families.

Gaffigan shared his dismay at the film’s critical reaction on the latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

The comedians initially explored the changing media landscape, with Gaffigan noting his father-in-law once served as a film critic. Today, given how few newspapers employ full-time film critics, many cover Hollywood without compensation.

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