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Joe Biden Complains ‘No One Went to Jail’ over Wall Street Bailout When He Was Vice President


Former Vice President Joe Biden complained Sunday that no one went to jail for the 2008 financial crisis, despite being in office when those officials could have been prosecuted.

“I agree with Bernie [Sanders], someone should have gone to jail. That was the big disagreement I had in terms of bailing out,” Joe Biden complained during the CNN Democrat debate on Sunday night.

Biden was the vice president under President Barack Obama, taking office just months after the Wall Street bailout occurred and was in office for eight years.

Biden voted for the bailout, while Sen. Sanders did not.

The former vice president defended the 2008 bailout, noting that if the United States government did not act quickly, the economy would have slipped into a depression.

“Look, the fact of the matter is that if, in fact, the banks had all gone under, we would be in a great depression,” he said.