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Joe Biden Slammed for Calling Trump’s Travel Restrictions Racist, Xenophobic After Enacting His Own


President Joe Biden on Friday was slammed for enacting travel restrictions on eight countries due to a fresh coronavirus variant after calling Former President Trump’s coronavirus travel restrictions in 2020 racist and xenophobic.

Trump issued travel restrictions on countries around the globe after the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic landed in the United States in 2020. Biden was quick to label those protectionist measures racist and xenophobic, like this tweet from February 1, 2020, following a travel-ban announcement:

We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 1, 2020

On Friday, the world was awakened to a rapidly spreading coronavirus variant originating from African nations.

Biden issued a travel ban on the African nations Friday, causing many individuals to note his hypocrisy:

Is Biden’s new travel ban targeting Africa “racist”?

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) November 26, 2021

Biden/Harris just banned all travel from several African countries over the new COVID variant…

Remember that they campaigned AGAINST international travel bans to protect the US from the spread of disease. So much for stopping COVID in this first hundred days. pic.twitter.com/yK72WAizvI

— Adam Korzeniewski 🇺🇸 (@RealAdamK) November 26, 2021

Never forget that while Trump was banning Travel from China to try to stop the spread of COVID to America, Democrats were focused on Impeaching him.

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 26, 2021

Say what this truly is

A racist ban on all black ppl from entering the country https://t.co/wkrzXRCH0W

— Ahmed Al Assliken (@assliken) November 26, 2021

Biden 2020: travel bans are xenophobic!

Biden now: forget what I said. https://t.co/jSJgN9abse

— Steven Cheung (@CaliforniaPanda) November 26, 2021

Sounds kinda racist and xenophobic. https://t.co/JhhSMCeikS

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) November 26, 2021

Nancy Pelosi was against the travel ban just like Joe Biden was.

It was never about what’s right, but to punish normal Americans. https://t.co/6DpoDXDbur

— Adam Korzeniewski 🇺🇸 (@RealAdamK) November 26, 2021

We will see if Democrats hold this admin to the same “standard” and call this a xenophobic action by the Biden-Harris Administration since they are targeting African countries. https://t.co/NUH8WxI8pz

— PARIS (@PARISDENNARD) November 26, 2021

Another Biden denunciation of travel bans in March 2020 pic.twitter.com/jjXFtRzWyI

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) November 26, 2021

#WHO names new #COVID19 variant #Omicron. But the #Greek letter after Nu, the most recent variant, is #Xi. Objectively, this variant should be named the “Xi variant,” if non-political rules apply. Yet WHO skipped Xi, jumped right to Omicron. Who will ask WHO why? pic.twitter.com/Zk95RrOTwW

— John Sitilides (@JohnSitilides) November 26, 2021

No joke, Greek alphabet goes “Nu”, “Xi”, “Onnicron”. The WHO is renaming Nu to Omnicron so there’s no Xi variant.

WHO is bought and paid for.

— Ghost Pournelle (@GhostPournelle) November 26, 2021

Democrats downplayed Covid until you learned you could rewrite voting rules.

Also New York handled Covid the worst while granting Cuomo emmys for covering up nursing home deaths.

Do your cardio, lift, get vaccinated if at risk, and live your life. https://t.co/blDnzQLEeB

— Cernovich (@Cernovich) November 26, 2021

When Trump imposed travel restrictions, Biden called him “xenophobic.”

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) November 26, 2021

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