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Joe is not just a wimpy Imposter, he is a huge LIAR [Video]


It is easy to feel sorry for Joe Biden. Feeble, mentally troubled, Mr. “my butt’s been wiped” has been something of an international spectacle as a fool and a puppet of people who are more in control of their mental faculties than he is.

His feebleness makes him sort of likable in some ways, because, after all, who wants to vent rage at a helpless old man?

But, Tucker Carlson just did all of us a great service, by reminding us that Mr. Biden has made a living off of lying. He is pretty glib about it, too. He has, by his own account, dug coal, braved arrest when going to see Nelson Mandela in prison, been to Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Afghanistan, rapped with the boyz in da hood, and excelled at his multiple degrees in university studies, driven an 18-wheeler (a lorry for you British folks!)… and more!

He must be Superman!

Actually, no. He has not done any of these things.

He has shot the breeze (a polite term) about a lot of things he must have fantasized doing, because his professional life has been spent for 53+ years in the Senate, and as Vice President before being installed as the Empty-Suit-in-Chief.

I often give him a slight pass because of his frailty, but a point is made here that I see too and must say:

Joe Biden is no victim. He is easy to control, but this is because he already is predisposed to All Things Left and Marxist. He may not presently be able to come up with many of the ideas himself now, but if they are suggested to him, he readily will agree because he is a bonafide liberal with no limits.

Such a man is very easy to control when controlled by people who are more coherent with such similar ideas, and Biden can still be quite glib. The gift of gab the man still sort of has, at least some days. But whether he is articulate or talking about his latest pampered visit to the toilet, he is still a leftist, and a liar and a deceiver. He works for and is completely bought in to the anti-Christian, pro-Marxist, pro-secularist and globalist point of view. He is the Great Reset Poster Septugenarian. And he is as dangerous for the nation now – perhaps even more so – than he ever was in his career as a professional do-nothing in the Senate.

We have all been given a glimpse into this reality. We ought to learn more and more so this error is drastically corrected as soon as possible.

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