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Joe Rogan Appears To Take A Shot At Neil Young


Joe Rogan appeared to take a shot at Neil Young after he threatened to remove his music from Spotify over the podcast host’s comments about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast made a post Thursday on his Instagram story that contained a screenshot of a tweet from a person identified as Kelsey Hudgins.

The person claimed that Rogan had walked off the stage at the end of one of his recent shows to one of Young’s most famous songs, 1989’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

“I watched @joerogan walk off stage last night to ‘Keep on Rockin in the Free World,’” the person tweeted. “Take notes kids, that’s how it’s done.”

I watched @joerogan walk off stage last night to “Keep on Rockin in the Free World”. Take notes kids, that’s how it’s done.

— kelsey hudgins (@yonderwizzerd) January 27, 2022

The podcast host has yet to make any comments about Young’s threat to remove his music from the platform. Young told Spotify it could “have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

On Thursday, the streaming site started removing the 76-year-old rocker’s music. (RELATED: Joe Rogan Leaves Sanjay Gupta Almost Speechless As He Confronts Him About CNN’s Lies, Parents Not Wanting To Vaccinate Kids)

Shock jock Howard Stern has defended Rogan, saying the podcaster shouldn’t be canceled over his vaccine views. Stern also said he’s “against any kind of censorship.”

The co-hosts of “The View” also argued that people “can’t just cancel” Rogan’s podcast following calls to have him removed from the platform over his views about COVID-19 and the vaccine. (RELATED: Social Media Users Call For Fauci To Debate Vaccine Skeptic Following Interview On ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’)

“It’s not Spotify’s job,” co-host Joy Behar said. “We have a First Amendment in this country. We have to stick with it. You can’t just pick and choose when you want to use the First Amendment.”

More than 250 doctors wrote a letter to Spotify asking the company to clear up some of the “misinformation” on Rogan’s podcast.


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