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Judge orders homeless man who attacked woman in San Francisco to wear ankle monitor



homeless man who attacked a woman in front of her San Francisco condo
building has been released from jail, and people are outraged that he
is free to roam the streets after what he was seen doing in the
now-viral video. The attack caught on surveillance video continues to
shock and scare people across the Bay Area. It was early Sunday
morning when Paneez Kosarian was attacked by 25-year-old Austin James
Vincent – a homeless man – as she tried to enter her condo
building on Beale Street. Vincent was arrested and charged with the
attack, but fear turned into outrage when a San Francisco Superior
Court Judge decided to release him, pending his next court hearing
Friday morning. Now criticism of that decision continues to grow from
people, including Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor London Breed.
Vincent’s public defender has released a statement to KRON4 saying
Vincent has no prior violent offenses, and drug use was not noted in
the police report. The attorney continued to say by all accounts,
this appears to have been a young man having a mental health crisis
who has now been heavily charged. He said after four days of custody,
the judge made the sound decision to release Vincent under conditions
of assertive case management in order to provide him the services he
needs. Now the San Francisco Police Association is calling for Judge
Van Aken to be reassigned to traffic court – calling her a
catastrophe of a criminal judge.