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Justice for Handke – and Serbia


Submitted by Alexekin Rockowia…

In an article published on October 10th in “The Intercept” and republished among other places in the largest Swedish newspaper, “Dagens Nyheter”, Peter Maass congratulated the Nobel Committee for “just giving the Literature Prize to a genocide apologist.” He claims that there is “no excuse for the decision to give this year’s prize to Peter Handke, who denies that a well-documented genocide was committed by Serbs against Muslims in Bosnia”, and ends the article with telling to Peter Handke that he “is entitled to believe what he wants to believe. He can lie and dissemble as much as he wishes.” But we will now take a look at some facts to demonstrate that these words better apply to Maass, as well as give the reader – unlike Maass with his alleged truths – opportunity to check up these facts.

To make his point, Maass insists that there were Serbian concentration camps, contrary to what Handke has claimed. Maass even “visited them during the war,” which he “covered for the Washington Post.” He “talked with prisoners inside the camps, as well as survivors.” This should not be doubted, since the Serbs – unlike Muslims and Croats – were known to let Western journalists to visit their camps and even take pictures and film! The reason for this transparency was because the mentioned facilities weren’t concentration camps but plain detention camps – which Handke has also explained quite clearly.

Nonetheless, Maass is adamant. He still claims that the Muslim crimes were just a negligible number of random murders, incomparable to the Serbian ones; the Serbs, according to him, were perpetrating a systemic and massive, unspeakable crimes. But here he just repeats the same propaganda we already saw during the Yugoslav Civil War, thanks to which the world was so quickly convinced that the Bosnian Muslims were the “good guys” and Serbs the “bad guys” – like in some black and white B-movies. And that is more than understandable: the Western journalists evidently had to simplify the real state of affairs. But, the ugly truth is that the Bosnian Muslims were not any better than the Serbs – in fact, they were worse, since Serbs didn’t castrate, rape and decapitate their prisoners, as Muslims did whenever they could (for example in the “Torture House in Kamenica”, which they filmed for propaganda purposes).

For those who have their doubts about it, I suggest to be critical and find these videos, which are available on Yugoslav Wars Archive (yugowarsarchive.org) in the category Srebrenica Massacre – an archive which I run, and where you can find much more if you want: even former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger justifying the siege of Sarajevo.

This is a legitimate and indisputable reason, and “excuse”, for the Swedish Academy’s decision to give this year’s prize to Peter Handke – who never stopped exposing that well-documented genocide committed by Muslims against Serbs in Bosnia.

Alexekin Rockowia (alexekin-rockowia.com) lives in Sweden and is of Serbian origin. He is editor-in-chief of For-Serbia The Website (for-serbia.org) and CEO of Yugoslav Wars Archive (yugowarsarchive.org) He is also the author of “A Short Book about Nationalism”, which is available for sale on Amazon. (amazon.com/dp/B07VDFLPHS/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb).

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