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Kamala Harris smears Tulsi Gabbard at Democratic debate



Rep. Tulsi Gabbard single-handedly derailed Sen. Kamala Harris’s presidential campaignon the Democratic debate stage in July. The Hawaii Democrat exposed Harris’s draconian record as attorney general of California and as a former prosecutor who put mothers in jail and tried to hide exonerating evidence from the wrongly convicted. That confrontation was decisive — Harris collapsed in the polls and lost her status as one of the leaders of the pack.

Harris is clearly still mad about it.

This much is apparent after the first hour of the November democratic presidential debate, hosted on Wednesday night by MSNBC. Harris used one of her very first speaking opportunities to go low and attack Gabbard — a decorated combat veteran — as someone who “spent four years on Fox News criticizing Obama” and “buddied up to Steve Bannon.” The senator said Gabbard has “failed to call a war criminal what he is” and “spends her time during this campaign … criticizing the Democratic Party.”

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