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Kenosha shooter’s attorney shows incident as clearly self-defense [Video]


Tucker Carlson interviews John Pierce, attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old young man who shot three rioters in Kenosha who were attacking him and threatening his own life, as caught on video. He killed two of them in self defense, yet he is presently sitting in jail and is the only person charged with any crime in this incident thus far.

The case here appears to be crystal clear in Mr. Rittenhouse’s favor, yet he is being incarcerated and nary a word came from the City of Kenosha about what the rioters were doing. It is significant that no evidence of charges are being pressed against people who are destroying private property at will, brutally attacking other human beings for any reason, especially as we see in the video at about 6:13, one man runs at Kyle who is fallen on the street and has a Glock aimed right at him.

This case is fraught with slanted and dishonest media coverage, such as the allegation that Mr. Rittenhouse illegally brought his AR-15 across state lines (he didn’t the weapon is his own), and does everything else to punish the kid trying to make sure he didn’t die that day.

The attorney also gives background as to what brought Kyle into this warzone in the first place: the wish to help a man who had already lost two of his business locations to rioters burning and destruction, and Kyle and his two friends wanted to help the man protect the last remaining facility.

For this situation, Kyle’s life is in real danger, even as he is in jail.

The Second American Civil War may be the most pathetic conflict in recorded history, but it is a deadly conflict nonetheless, made all the more so by the tremendous irrational rage of the antagonists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These people truly do not care who they destroy. Perhaps the only hope in defeating them rests in the new citizen militias taking shape. Perhaps Kyle’s only error is that he went into the warzone alone.

Of course, if it comes to this, a lot of very good people will sacrifice their lives. But this is the nature of war. Isn’t it?

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