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Klobuchar: Trump’s Taliban Meeting Is Negotiating Like a ‘Game Show’


Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said President Donald Trump’s plan to meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David was treating this “like some kind of game show.”

Klobuchar said, “He is hurting our credibility around the world. Yes, you negotiate with the Afghan government and the Taliban. But you don’t treat this like some kind of game show when you are dealing with terrorists. He clearly wanted the showman’s moment of having them come to Camp David when he didn’t have the complete cease-fire, he didn’t have a deal done, and then he does a tweet on late Saturday night saying ‘oh, blame them, it’s over.’ Give me a break.”

She continued, “This is exactly what he did with Kim Jong-Un bringing a hot dish to the dictator next door across the DMZ.”

She added, “You deal with your allies. The world is watching. We need to bring credibility back into our foreign policy.”

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