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LeBron James, Liberal Elites Celebrate After MLB Takes All-Star Game from Georgia


On Friday, Major League Baseball decided to take its All-Star Game away from Atlanta’s Truist Park in response to the state’s new voter integrity law.

Liberal supporters exploded with delight after the MLB announcement.

MLB released its statement after one p.m. on Friday:

JUST IN: @MLB announces it’ll move the All-Star Game and Draft out of Atlanta due to the state passing a new elections law last week. pic.twitter.com/rBVUQ6FMJG

— Ed O’Keefe (@edokeefe) April 2, 2021

Unsurprisingly, the baseball player’s union supported the move. After all, they had already been pushing for it.

We stand in support of @MLB‘s decision to move the 2021 All-Star Game. pic.twitter.com/ESTh4g4bVj

— ThePlayersAlliance (@Player_Alliance) April 2, 2021

Many in the world of sports jumped on the bandwagon to congratulate the league:

Disappointed @MLB will move the All-Star Game, but proud of their stance on voting rights. GA GOP traded economic opportunity for suppression. On behalf of PoC targeted by #SB202 to lose votes + now wages, I urge events & productions to come & speak out or stay & fight. #gapol

— Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) April 2, 2021

Proud to call myself a part of the @mlb family today.  @Morethanavote #BlackLivesMatter 🙏🏾✊🏾👑

— LeBron James (@KingJames) April 2, 2021

Over #NBAAllStar in Atlanta, we called on lawmakers to drop their voter suppression bill. They didn’t.

Now, @MLB has decided to move their All-Star Game from Atlanta.

All the states still considering voter suppression bills should take note:

Actions have consequences. pic.twitter.com/b8DzPu97NQ

— More Than A Vote (@morethanavote) April 2, 2021

#MLB will move the #AllStarGame & #MLBDraft out of Atlanta in response to new GA voting laws.

Commissioner Rob Manfred says the decision is the “best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.”

Thank you, MLB, for standing on the right side of history. https://t.co/s4nWv2c8Hr

— Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) April 2, 2021

I want to applaud and extend a thank you to @MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for moving the All Star Game out of Georgia following the Governor’s signing of the new restrictive voting law. Way to be a leader and take a strong stance!

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) April 2, 2021

Other leftists also went wild in support of the league’s move:

I applaud MLB for moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. So many sports teams/leagues provide empty gestures when the time calls for definitive measures. Shame on the state legislators who chose to suppress Georgia voters & ruined a chance for baseball to truly honor Hank Aaron

— Michael Lee (@MrMichaelLee) April 2, 2021

BREAKING: Major League Baseball is moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia due to racist voting law.

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) April 2, 2021

Okay Kemp. You just cost your State a lot of revenue. Expect more to be lost.

And expect Kemp to double and triple down: https://t.co/ONad6VY1BZ

— Malcolm P. Johnson (@admiralmpj) April 2, 2021

Yo Kemp, they drop-kicked the All-Star game out of your state. In other words, America’s “past time” to have lowlife racist motherfuckers like you.

— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) April 2, 2021

Now that’s the right call! MLB announces it is pulling this year’s All-Star game and the amateur draft from Georgia. pic.twitter.com/4adQioSbCk

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) April 2, 2021

BREAKING: MLB has moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta due to Georgia’s new voter suppression bill.

— Kim Mangone (@KimMangone) April 2, 2021

Major League Baseball, now that they have pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta, should put it at Washington Nationals Park to highlight the need for federal action on voting rights including DC Statehood.

— Matthew Dowd (@matthewjdowd) April 2, 2021

I await the endless whining and manufactured outrage about “cancel culture” and the ensuing endless victimhood by the GOP and right-wing this week about MLB moving the All-Star Game from Georgia but absolutely 0 outrage about the massive attempt to “cancel” voting rights.

— Wajahat “Butter King” Ali (@WajahatAli) April 2, 2021

The @MLB moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta is the latest evidence that athletes, teams and leagues are increasingly comfortable not just speaking out, but taking action that has real economic consequence.

— Jason Kelly (@jasonkellynews) April 2, 2021

Hey @MLB — feel free to give us a call.

In California we actually work to expand voter access — not prevent it.https://t.co/FTeI4AjPaC

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) April 2, 2021

Wow. MLB moving All-Star Game and draft from Georgia over the state’s new 98-page law.

This is going to get really ugly really quickly down here with all of the pressure and misinfo from all sides about what the bill does.#gapol pic.twitter.com/Zu6GAPXfba

— stephen fowler (@stphnfwlr) April 2, 2021

This year’s all-star game is being moved out of Atlanta. Give credit where credit is due. I had my doubts MLB and the MLBPA would take a firm stance against the recent voter suppression laws and I was wrong. Nice to see both sides take a stand and try to wield the power they have

— Gregor Chisholm (@GregorChisholm) April 2, 2021

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