Home News Like 1979, Boris Johnson’s victory could indicate 2020 win for Trump

Like 1979, Boris Johnson’s victory could indicate 2020 win for Trump



“Blowout” was how one United Kingdom newspaper described Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party’s victory in the country’s election.

How decisive was it? Not only did conservatives win an 80-seat majority in Parliament, a constituency in Blythe Valley in Northeast England elected a conservative member for the first time since its creation 40 years ago.

Pundits leading up to the election were wrong, as usual. They predicted a very tight race. What is it about pundits that they are so often wrong, including in the U.S., but they get to keep prognosticating anyway?

The election was viewed as a referendum on Brexit, which voters approved in 2016, but some politicians had blocked. They wanted another referendum, which is reminiscent of voter recounts in the U.S. The recounts stop only after a Democrat “wins” a majority. Johnson campaigned on giving the voters what they voted for, otherwise known as democracy. Britain’s divorce from the European Union could be finalized as early as next month.

The deniers were out in full force. Jeremy Corbyn announced his resignation as Labour Party leader, but claimed the disastrous results were not his fault and ludicrously asserted his hard-left agenda was “extremely popular.”

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