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Limbaugh: Media, Dem Leaders Have ‘Gleeful’ Attitudes About Coronavirus


Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said during his nationally syndicated radio show on Wednesday that Democratic Party leaders and the media had “gleeful attitudes” about the coronavirus outbreak.

Limbaugh said, “I’m telling you, folks, I’m I that there’s so many red flags about things happening out there. This coronavirus, all of this panic is just not warranted. I’m telling you. When I tell you what I’ve told you that this virus is the common cold when I said that it was based on the number of cases. That’s also based on the kind of virus this is. Why do you think this is called COVID-19  is the 19th coronavirus. They’re not uncommon. Coronavirus are respiratory cold and flu viruses.”

He added, “There is nothing about this except where it came from and itinerant media panic that you can’t blame people reacting the way they’re reacting if they pay even scant attention of the media —if you read just two or three media headlines a day, pick one, pick two pick three at random, you’re going to think that if you leave your home you got a good chance of dying. And you don’t. But I can’t —there’s no way we hear can stop the panic. There’s no way we can talk sense into a panic. I wouldn’t even try. To me, this is just a gigantic series of question marks and red flags, all this stuff. It’s just the timing of it, the objective, the gleeful, the gleeful attitudes in the media about this, the gleeful attitudes that Democrat leaders have about this.”

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