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Lisa Boothe: Blame Dayton Deaths On Warren, Sanders If You Want To Pin Rhetoric On Mass Shootings


Two journalists debated about who is to blame for mass shootings on Fox News Thursday, with one suggesting no one should be blamed for the attacks.

Lisa Boothe, a contributor for Fox News, debated Judith Miller, a former New York Times reporter, on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”

“So I think trying to somehow make sense of these killers who clearly have something wrong with them is a disturbing trend,” Boothe said. “And then by the same logic, you would have to lay the Dayton shooting at the feet of [Sens.] Elizabeth Warren [of Massachusetts] and Bernie Sanders [of Vermont], which is insane.”


The left has “every right to mention” President Donald Trump’s “incendiary language” when talking about who is to blame for mass shootings, Miller said. (RELATED: Fox News Hits Back On Rumors That It Won’t Air The Mueller Testimony)

“That is fair game,” said Miller, who is a foreign and urban policy expert at the Manhattan Institute.

The Dayton, Ohio, shooter is believed to have had a Twitter account where he referred to himself as a “leftist” and showed support for 2020 Democratic candidate Warren and Antifa. Boothe also mentioned the policies found in the suspected El Paso, Texas, shooter’s alleged manifesto “predated President Trump.”

The suspected El Paso shooter, who allegedly killed 22 people at Walmart Saturday, is believed to have a strong anti-immigrant manifesto. Some have linked the manifesto to rhetoric from Trump.

“That is the logical conclusion that you would draw if you are laying the blame of the El Paso shooting at President Trump’s feet,” Boothe said after Miller suggested it was fair to blame Trump for the shootings. “I hate to even bring this up because I don’t think we should give any of these killers any sort of attention, but even the manifesto says that the policy positions on immigration predated President Trump.”

Two shootings left 31 people dead over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton, sparking debate on gun control. Some have blamed Trump for the attacks because of alleged anti-immigration and racist rhetoric.

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