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Lithuania is living dangerously, angering China and Russia


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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Lithuania is living dangerously, angering China and Russia

The Duran: Episode 1314

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The Duran

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June 23, 2022

Congratulations Miss Non-Public boss, now go take a walk.

Marshall clark

It’s Danzig all over again and that started ww2


I doubt that this Kaliningrad Maneuver by the EU and NATO will be such a big deal. It is just the flailing of the losers and I don’t think Russia will turn it into much more than a pin prick. Nor do I think Russia will try to absorb all of the Ukraine. I think they will be happy to let pieces of the Ukraine go wherever (Poland?). The only thing that will be absolutely forbidden is missiles too close to critical areas. Otherwise the American Empire is collapsing of its own accord.

Helga Fellay

I completely agree. Russia needs to secure Odessa and prevent Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea. Once that is accomplished, it’s over. Why would Russia want the rest of the disaster which the remainder of Ukraine has become. Good riddance. Let the EU deal with it.



“Blind rage” – The necons controlling foreign policy in the West are so mad they’re pushing for nuclear war. They know that NATO and the US are conventionally militarily out-matched by Russia especially with China’s affirmed cooperation, and their economic power which has been based on monopoly practices is beginning to be defeated. The Pentagon’s notion of nuclear first-strike survivability is now questionable at best, so the responsible officials there dare not allow such an escalation.

Helga Fellay

My. only hope is that the Pentagon has enough people with enough brains to stop the neocon madness that has taken over both US parties. They are our only hope.


Our (the Collective West’s) only hope may now be a nuclear WW3 and a nice, cleansing strike from Russia and/or China. The West is in process of being turned into a satanist pharmaceutical GMO GULAG. It is not worth living under the conditions the globalist scoundrels have planned for us.

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David Rennie

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I love the Duran, like a breath of sanity and fresh air in a foul political environment. I look forward to it every day. They talk about everything I am keenly interested in.

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The Duran started well and has become brillliant.

Meriem Kheira Peillet

Kaliningrad is well protected militarily…No worry…I guess Lithuania could blow up and erase fom the map very easily and Nato would not have even time to react.Lithuania is in a very dangerous position…and Europe and Nato playing with fireworks.Nato is not in a position today to confront Russia this is why the integration of sweden and Finland in the alliance was precious to it…Look at the map and thank Turkey! By the way Lithuania will, for sure, now be mentioned and put on the agenda at the forthcoming NATO summit in spain…President Biden has already assured Lithuania that The USA… Read more »


Coffee mugs and tee shirts with Union Jacks minus St Patrick’s cross? Alex and Alexander, do you support the IRA?


Speaking of China’s ability to supply but manufacture of american designed chips, and China’s or Russia’s ability to design chips; Manufacturing enterprises are one thing, and ability to design manufacturing plant another. The ability to design chips is no less than the ability to manufacture the manufacturing plant. It is not merely the ability to produce mock designs with electronic software. China’s ability to produce manufacturing plant machinery is limited. That’s one aspect of that limits their ability for now , and even more for the future. These abilities are not found in academia, but within the engineering firms, although… Read more »


Lithuania, or its puppet NATO and Soros-installed criminal ”leaders” is trying to commit what is called, on the municipal scale, ‘suicide by cop’.

I hope that Russia and China oblige. Perhaps then the resultant new state will have a chance to be useful and contribute to the human race rather than try to destroy it.

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