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Louisiana Becomes First State to Postpone Democratic Primary Over Coronavirus


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COVID-19 outbreak could severely disrupt election process before November

What happens if this outbreak lasts until November?

From CNBC:

Louisiana will postpone its presidential primaries set for next month, becoming the first state to take the step as fears about the coronavirus outbreak spread.

The state will push its presidential nominating contests back to June 20 from the planned date of April 4, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced Friday. It has also delayed its municipal elections until July 25.

“We want to protect the health and safety of all Louisianans by doing our part to prevent the spread of this highly infectious disease,” Ardoin told reporters.

They also ordered all K-12 public schools to be closed:

BREAKING: Gov. Edwards has ordered all of Louisiana’s K-12 public schools to be closed from Monday, March 16 through Monday, April 13 >> https://t.co/LmEbVkvOua

— WAFB (@WAFB) March 13, 2020

Biden voted for Iraq War & never the learned the lesson from our decades long asymmetric wars — he’s more than willing to start it here to overthrow the Constitution.

Don’t forget, boosting your immune system during a crisis is just as important as storable food! Don’t wait until it’s all gone!

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