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Mainstream Media: Blame Racist Russian Trolls On Instagram For Election 2020 Meddling!


Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The mainstream media is losing it.  While in bed with the government and only reporting on the things the elitists in power want you to know about, they have taken to blaming “racist Russian trolls” on Instagram for meddling in the 2020 election.

If the propaganda pro-establishment official narratives aren’t working, why not blame those pesky Russian trolls who happen to be racist? The Daily Beast has declared that there is too much “wrongthink” going on in the United States right now due to these trolls. This time, it’s not merely Russian trolls – it’s so much worse. The Russian trolls’ ideas have infected so-called “American neo-confederates” and created an unholy hybrid of racist Russian trolls who are unstoppable by the usual mass-deplatforming (censorship) solutions used to wipe out entire nests of foreign-origin trolls, according to a report by RT.  It’s almost like they’re real people.

The Beast partnered up with the NATO-backed Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRL) – not exactly a bastion of neutral, level-headed reporting – to comb through the darker reaches of Instagram, where the platform has stubbornly refused to remove accounts that aren’t violating its terms of service even as they “run some of the same racist crap” as the Internet Research Agency troll accounts of yore.  –RT

One of the offensive memes shows the Peanuts cartoon character Linus van Pelt sporting a t-shirt that reads “THE SOUTH” and hugging a Confederate flag as his blanket. A speech bubble that appears to be coming from the blanket says “Our Battle Flag Protecting Us From Tyranny Since 1861.” Another meme shows the Confederate flag with a coiled snake, the caption “Don’t tread on me,” and another caption “HERITAGE NOT HATE.”

Oh, the horror!

The name of the account – South United – was used by the IRA in one of the campaigns that ran concurrently to the 2016 election, though its theme – “racist, bigoted appeals to the Confederacy” according to the DFRL – had less to do with directly supporting a candidate than the evergreen “sowing discord.” –RT

“Sowing discord” has become the battle cry of the statist mainstream media since 2016.