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Man Who Can’t Be Bothered Lights Cigarette At Gunpoint


When a robbery sent patrons of Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis diving for cover, one man found peace among the chaos, casually lighting a cigarette as a robber held him at gunpoint.

Early Wednesday morning, an armed middle-age man entered a St. Louis tavern, demanding money and valuables from those inside. A video of the incident shows everybody but one bold man hitting the floor as the robber made his entry.

The criminal then approached the only man to remained seated and tried to take his phone. The unfazed man simply refused to hand over his device, and after a brief moment of struggle, the robber decided to move on and look for valuables behind the bar.

Seeing an opportunity for a smoke break, the defiant man who refused to be a victim lit up a cigarette as he treated the ongoing crime with total disinterest. [RELATED: Heroic Cashier Fends Burglar Off With Banana, Peel Police Say]

The robber eventually made his way back to the smoking man who again refused to turn over his possessions. Perhaps inspired by this display of calm bravery, another man who was conversing with the smoker before the action began decided to light a cigarette as well. This second smoker was successfully robbed.

At the end of the whole ordeal the robber made off with a few hundred dollars and has not yet been apprehended, according to KSDK.