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Marco Rubio: Karen Bass Would Be ‘The Highest-Profile Castro Sympathizer … At Any Level Of American Government’


Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio criticized Democratic California Rep. Karen Bass as someone who, if selected to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, would be the “highest-profile Castro sympathizer we have ever had in American government.”

Before introducing Rubio on Monday night’s edition of “Hannity,” Fox News host Sean Hannity played a clip of Bass walking away from a 2016 comment praising Castro as a “great loss to the people of Cuba” after the dictator’s death.

During the interview, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pushed back on what he considered her characterization of being “young and irresponsible” in the 1970s when she visite the country several times by pointing out that she praised Castro just “four years ago.”

After noting the millions of Cubans who were executed, spent time in jail, or were forced to flee the island, Rubio accused Bass of “not being sincere.”


“This is not about one comment,” Rubio told Hannity. “She’s not being sincere when she says it’s about one comment. Congresswoman Bass has a long, it appears to be a three to four-decade history of being an admirer of the Castro regime. It started as a student. It continued during her time in government and even up to her time here in Congress. She frequently visited the island.”

Rubio called “false” Bass’ contention that Republicans have “taken to calling ever Democrat Communist.” (RELATED: Rep. Karen Bass Wants New Stay-At-Home Orders In Los Angeles, Implies Mask Wearing Isn’t Enough)

“I’m the first to tell you, there are many Democrats that have worked with us on this issue,” he said. “A number of them that feel strongly about it, especially in Florida but other parts of the country. This is about her. It’s about her long track record and frankly, she would be the highest-profile Castro sympathizer we have ever had at any level of American government.”