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Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony proves Trump listened to the wrong people



Former U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony before Congress had less to do with President Trump and more to do with the individuals he’s surrounded himself with.

Trump’s allies have labeled Yovanovitch a Never Trump asset — an accusation that might be true, although it has no bearing on how Yovanovitch conducted diplomacy in Ukraine. In fact, Yovanovitch made it clear on Friday that she supported Trump’s foreign policy in the region. His decision to bolster the U.S.-Ukraine alliance with military aid advanced U.S. interests and made her job easier.

As a result, Yovanovitch was free to pursue an anti-corruption agenda in the region — an agenda handed down to her by former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who had both appointed her. But as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs George Kent said on Wednesday, anyone who cracks down on corruption is bound to make some corrupt people mad.

That’s exactly what happened in Ukraine when Yuriy Lutsenko, former Ukrainian prosecutor general, intentionally spread misinformation about Yovanovitch. Unfortunately, those falsehoods caught on in the U.S., thanks to the likes of Rudy Giuliani and his two business associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were arrested on charges they schemed to funnel foreign money to U.S. politicians.

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