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Mark Sanford Ends Bid To Challenge Trump In GOP Primary


The movement is much smaller today than it was four years ago, before the mainstream party had acquiesced to the fact that Trump would likely win the primary and secure the nomination, despite being a political neophyte with a taste for controversy. Yet, there are still some Republicans out there who refuse to rally behind Trump.

Some, like Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan have left the party altogether. But others are trying to change it from the inside by staging a quixotic primary challenge against President Trump, despite his 96% approval rating among Republicans, according to Fox News.

After his campaign generated almost no traction, Republican Mark Sanford, a former governor and Congressman from South Carolina, is suspending his campaign to challenge President Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.

“You gotta be a realist, and what I did not anticipate is an impeachment,” Sanford was quoted as saying by a local newspaper. He added that he would look for other ways to combat the growing budget deficit, which has ballooned under Trump.

Sanford made the announcement outside the New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord. His departure from the race leaves former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and former Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois as Trump’s other two longshot primary challengers.

Sanford, of course, is best known for the adultery scandal that marred his second term as governor. He eventually admitted to voters that he left the state abruptly because of an extramarital affair he’d been having, and was ultimately censured by the state assembly, though he did complete his second term.

He announced his plans to challenge Trump back in September, when he said Republicans had “lost our way.”