Home Baltimore Ravens Mason Rudolph Takes Brutal Hit To The Head From Earl Thomas

Mason Rudolph Takes Brutal Hit To The Head From Earl Thomas


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph took a brutal hit to the head Sunday.

During a game against the Ravens, the young gunslinger took a shot to the dome from Earl Thomas, and it looked like his whole body went limp on the ground. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

He was eventually helped off, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him back anytime soon. Give the horrifying play a watch below.

Mason Rudolph is out cold pic.twitter.com/OFjcR8kjIO

— Sportacus (@IamSportacus33) October 6, 2019

So the league is trying to eliminate helmet to helmet hits especially trying to protect QBs, yet still no flag and Earl Thomas is still in the game pic.twitter.com/bfmJ4HvMSc

— SteelersKillerB (@SteelersKillerB) October 6, 2019

There’s simply no excuse for a hit like that in the NFL. You just can’t allow it. Thomas wasn’t ejected after the hit, but I’m guessing there’s a huge fine in the mail with his name on it.

If the NFL is going to get serious about player safety, then the hit Rudolph took simply can’t be tolerated or allowed at any time.

Hopefully, Rudolph is okay. That was one of the scariest hits I’ve ever seen, and the way his body hit the deck was terrifying.

Just a truly terrible moment for the Steelers, Rudolph and the NFL. We’ll see how the league handles it.