Home News Massive MS-13 bust: Officials charge 96 members in gang takedown

Massive MS-13 bust: Officials charge 96 members in gang takedown



Authorities dealt a staggering blow to the murderous MS-13 gang — busting 96 members and associates in the largest takedown of the notorious criminal group in New York state history, prosecutors announced Friday.

The busts — the result of a nearly two-year federal wiretapping investigation — essentially wiped out MS-13 on Long Island, according to law enforcement sources.

Many of the arrests were made Thursday and Friday morning, the sources said.

Those arrested include 45 MS-13 members and 19 associates charged with alleged murder conspiracies, drug trafficking, weapons possession and sales, gang violence, and other offenses in a special grand jury indictment, prosecutors said.

The DA’s office, along with federal, state and local officials who conducted the sweeping investigation, are set to announce the charges at an afternoon press conference.

Among other slayings and assaults, the ruthless gang has been blamed for the brutal killings of Brentwood High School students Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 16, in September 2016. The victims were hacked and beaten to death with machetes and baseball bats.

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