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Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Dangerous to This Country’


On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) once again declared President Donald Trump was “dangerous to this country.”

Waters said, “The presidency will never be the same. I want to tell you they have been doing this, Joy. The president of the United States met with the Russian foreign minister in the middle of all of this impeachment proceeding. Rudy Giuliani ran up to the Ukraine in the middle of these. They are in our face, they’re in the face of Americans, and it is terrible. It is going to be awful. They’re not going to cooperate. They’re going to do worse than what you have alluded to about what happened in the South years ago.”

She added, “The Democrats and the House have done their job. The Constitution gives us the responsibility for impeachment when there is a president that’s dangerous to this country and when there is a president who’s ignoring the constitution who committed a high crime and misdemeanor. We have done our job. The Judiciary Committee has gotten a resolution out of the Judiciary Committee it is going Committee, it is going to come out the floor. We are going to vote and support the Judiciary Committee and impeachment resolutions that will come forward.”

She concluded, “Watch what happens in the Senate. You are going to see what happens when your democracy is undermined. You are going to see what happens when you have people in power who disregard the Constitution who don’t care about the democracy, who open in the door to Putin and Russia, and you are going to see that things are going to change if this president remains in office. You will see him align himself with Putin and Russia. He already says, you know, that he’s not going to condemn him. He’s not going to do anything to talk about the fact that we have been undermined already about Putin and Russia. They’re going to do it again. This president does not care.”

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