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McCarthy: ‘Bernie Sanders Is Going to Be Their Nominee’ — ‘He Beat Joe Biden, Who Has Been Running for President for More Than 40 Years’


Monday during an interview with Fox News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) discussed the potential impact of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) becoming the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, and what that could mean for his body, the House of Representatives.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked the California Republican about his prospects of becoming House Speaker, should Sanders earn the nomination. McCarthy acknowledged they improved but said it was more about policy than personality.

“Yes, but it’s not because if Bernie Sanders is the nominee, it’s because what they embrace,” he explained. “They embrace Bernie Sanders’ policy. They embrace socialism. They’re just embarrassed of Bernie. More than half of the Democrats in Congress have co-sponsored Medicare for All. Almost half, his Green New Deal. They call themselves socialist Democrats — the squad that controls the floor. The real reason why they’ll lose the majority — what have they accomplished? They have accomplished nothing. They have issued more subpoenas than they’ve created laws.”

“All they do is investigate,” McCarthy continued. “They have not lowered prescription drugs. They have not been in infrastructure. They have not moved this Congress forward. They promised that they would govern different and they’re wrong. They did not.”

McCarthy explained that Sanders was most identifiable with the modern Democratic Party, noting he defeated Democratic heavyweight former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Bernie Sanders is going to be their nominee. He’s reflective of their policies and their philosophy,” he said. “He beat Joe Biden, who has been running for president for more than 40 years and was the vice president, by more than twice the number of votes. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren has dropped. This is really a Bernie Sanders party. This is AOC. This is Tlaib. This is Omar. These — they call themselves socialist Democrats, not when Bernie started running but when they elected inside Congress. This is a — this is a movement of politics of — this is not the Democratic Party of the past. This is a socialist Democratic Party that thinks Fidel Castro is a good person.”

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