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McCarthy: We Came Close ‘To This Country Having A Coup,’ Vows Deep State Cabal Will See Justice


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McCabe, Comey and others will face indictments, says House Minority Leader

Infowars.com –

September 16, 2019

The Deep State cabal comprised of Justice Department officials that launched the failed Russia hoax against President Trump will soon face justice for their attempted “coup,” says House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“We came the closest ever to this country having a coup, and now we need accountability,” McCarthy said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I respect this attorney general so greatly, that the way he has handled this, he believes in accountability, but more importantly, he believes in the rule of law.”

Host Maria Bartiromo expressed doubt, asking, “Will we see accountability though?”

McCarthy replied: “Yes.”

Bartiromo even asked about fired FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan, who had integral roles in launching the multiyear investigation, but McCarthy assured her that they would likely face justice if Attorney General Barr followed the facts.

“Anyone that has had any association with trying to create this coup should be held accountable,” McCarthy said.

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