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Meghan Markle: self-pity, hubris spite and the assault on the Crown


Seldom has so much been so unappreciated by one so lowborn. If the Duchess of Sussex had been born a princess or a billionairess then she might have assumed as Harry does that unearned adulation and taxpayer millions were no more than her due. Yet Meghan Markle was born into a middle class Californian family of no consequence. Like your truly she had no reason to expect to rise to superstardom. But this demimondaine has in her own way conquered the world. She has stoited more than she can have dreamt.

To say that Meghan is hard done by is as logical as saying ‘I crave privacy and I am going on Oprah.’ A public figure who whines about the press is like a sailor who complains about the sea. Those who live by the media shall die by the media.

Meghan always pined for maximum publicity. Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. You cannot beg the media to come into your life and then demand that they get out.

Meghan and Harry are avowed enemies of the free press. They demand that all reportage and commentary on them be uniformly and uniquely laudatory.

Vain, shallow, coldly calculating, ruthless, ghastly, materialistic, mercurial, meretricious, avaricious and vicious she is but Meghan is not imbecilic. What Harry lacks for in street smarts his goodwife more than makes up for. His snollygoster has got him wrapped around her ring finger.

What makes Meghan tick? ‘Me again’ as Meghan is known is actuated by one thing only: egotism. Her insatiable lust for publicity and exaltation is unchallengeable. This attention addict uses the media adeptly. When not all media outlets will act as typewriters for her; she cannot take it.

MM was an actress. But she is an actress every moment of her life. All she says are performative utterances. It is though she is playing a role both offscreen as well as on. As an actress she patently needs an audience. Attention seeking can be a healthy thing. Without it we would have no drama, no dancing, no music and to some extent no politics. MM is impelled to create melodrama around herself.

There are amply attested stories of MM throwing hissy fits. She is very difficult to work for. Within weeks of her second marriage MM and Harry began sacking staff. That there has been a very high turnover of staff says something. What is the common factor here? By contrast, the royal family prefer to keep retainers for decades or even generations. Superb staff are difficult to source and harder to retain. Loyalty is a two-way street except with Meghan.

Harry’s mantra is: what Meghan wants, Meghan gets. The Taliban patently got his ginger nuts back in Afghanistan.

Cast your mind ten years. Harry was the toast of Britain. The fun-loving prince was admired by all. This Prince Hal figure was a lovable rogue. People forgave him beating up photographers. Someone less privileged would have been sent to prison for these unprovoked assaults. His fistic attitude to the press was due to him blaming them for his mother’s death. A driver 3.5 times over the alcohol limit, doing double the speed limit and his mother’s failure to wear a seatbelt had nothing to do with her death then? His cocaine abuse was indulged. He took pet journalists to the pub and picked up the tab.

In 2015 a satirical reality TV show came out: I wanna marry Harry. 20 young American females were told they would be flown to Britain to meet a multimillionaire under 30 with a view to marrying him. They were not told his identity. A Prince Harry lookalike was brought in. They contestants were then told that it was HRH. It was a hilarious take on naivete and gold digging. Meghan must have watched!

In 2016 MM had divorced her blameless husband. She asked her friend Misha Nonoo to introduce her to a British male. But MM specify he had to be a multi-millionaire and very high status? MM’s previous bedfellow had been a Swiss chef. Ever the mercenary MM was introduced to a very wealthy prince. She claims to have had no idea who he was and to have never googled him when they dated. Is she the most incurious person in the world or the most mendacious?

In 2016 Harry met Meghan. It was limerence straightaway. On his side that is. The vamp got her manicured talons into some easy prey. She entoiled her naif.

Since Harry met MM he has lost his bounce. She is the dictatrix of the marriage. She has had an alembic effect on the simpleton. Ere long he was spouting leftist pieties. These must have been galimatias to him.

Even before the wedding there were breaches of protocol. They held hands in public. That was no hanging offence. Traditions change.

The fantabulous wedding paid for by the poor garnered no gratitude from MM or her beau. Nothing at St George’s Chapel Windsor was good enough for her. Middle class Americans have far more lavish weddings than the mere £33 million affair that the British public gave her.

At the wedding their was wall to wall adulatory coverage of the happy couple. The public took MM to their hearts. Perhaps this went to her head. MM thought she was grander than the Queen.

It was not long before relations with some sections of the media turned procellous. Hypocrisy, dishonesty, ice cold calculation and spite transpired to be MM’s major characteristics. The private jet to Elton John affair did not help. MM’s incessant interference in delicate political matters aggravated the situation.

Some years ago one of Meghan Markle’s bestie’s unwisely vouchsafed to Simi Grewal that Meghan modelled herself on Diana, Princess of Wales. Tallish, tawdry, self-pitying, entitled, spiteful, greedy, histrionic and fundamentally dishonest: Meghan was almost a perfect match. In fairness, MM is at least blessed with a modicum of intelligence. Unlike the teenage bride Diana, MM had at least accomplished a few things before she spawned. Diana was the queen of welfare queens. She lived off the taxpayer every day of her life. Showing up at the occasional gala dinner to flash decolletage at Henry Kissinger is not work.

They say that a man weds a woman to replace his mother. In some respects Harry could hardly have picked someone more similar. MM is even slightly older than him. That is partly because the prince was but a dozen years of age when she met her doom in that Parisian tunnel beside her unemployable Ishmaelite playboy.

Prince Harry really is his mother’s son. He has inherited all her worst traits. The mawkish self-pity, the navel gazing, the flightiness and the academic subnormality are all apparent.

There is a quip about Meghan attending her best friend’s wedding. ‘As my best friend strolled serenely up the aisle in her ivory silk gown I looked so beautiful.’

MM authorised ‘friends’ to collaborate on Finding Freedom. As though this exceptionally fortunate couple were unfree in one of the freest countries on earth. An actor who portrayed her husband on Suits spoke to the media just before the Oprah interview aired. He delivered a broadside against the royal family. He claimed that MM was ‘basically forced to flee for her mental health.’ If a phrase is prefaced by ‘basically’ then forget all that follows. This chap has not heard of planes, phones, TV and the internet. The British media can still travel to California. M and H can still be reported on by the London press corps even if she is in the United States.

If M and H want privacy, then get out of my face. I see them nearly every time I switch on the box. Put a sock in it. If they do not want to be sniped at by the press, then they should keep their heads below the parapet. Their asservations that they want to be left alone are risible. As with so much with MM there is a credibility strid.

In the run up to her marriage MM said her British friends counselled her not to wed the prince despite his manifold attractions. They said that the British newshounds would hunt her down. In MM’s view so it has proved. But she cannot say she was not warned.

When MM volunteered to join the House of Windsor she was told there was a price to pay. No social media was to be used and no contentious statements were to be made. That was the deal. She signed up for it.

As a royal a person gets taxpayer cash, access to the stars and all the media coverage she could have ever dreamed of. The price you pay is privacy.

The couple produced a child in 2019. They lied about the boy’s date of birth. The identity of the godparents has still not been revealed. This is a matter of public interest. What if the godfather turns out to be someone like Jeffrey Epstein.

Harry’s misconduct has been galling. He has subjected us to his sanctimony on climate change from a hacienda in California. What is the carbon footprint of all that AC? Practices what you preach. They use private jets like taxis.

The Duke of Sussex was Captain-General of the Royal Marines. He then bogged off to the USA. If he considers the British media to be foes then this was desertion in face of the enemy. A former Chief of Defence Staff said that the armed forces like and respect Harry: they also miss him. But Harry cannot be Captain-General if he refuses to perform any of the duties. His primary duty is to show his face in Britain.

If is nauseating that M and H rail against entitlement and privilege. They are literally titled! They think their entitlement is panegyrics in the press. Their privilege included a taxpayer subvention and face time with stars. They had a unique platform. They could have espoused noble causes so long as that was approved by Downing Street. A constitutional monarchy is an alien concept to Harry. He went to Eton but as was said in England education produces no effect whatsoever.

Harry is on board with the Me Too movement. Asking a woman on a date is sexual harassment. The merest oeillade is a sacking offence. Remember when Harry exposed his penis to girls in Las Vegas. Why was he not sent down as a sex offender? Why does he not have to hide his face in shame forever? Why has MM forgiven him the trauma he put others through despite his total impenitence?

Interview with Oprah

The idea that someone who wants the media to leave them alone should grant a two hour interview to Oprah is so idiotic that only Prince Harry could be believe. The clown prince and his blooming bride were interviewed in the garden of their $11 million home where they whinged that the Queen was not longer giving them money. At the age of 35 Prince Harry might have to sing for his supper. Yes, he was an army officer for a few years. But his army salary will have been a drop in the ocean compared to his inheritance. Since he stopped killing Muslims he has never done a darg. He shall now be betoiled. His mother’s bequest to him totalled over £ 20 million in today’s prices besides the handsome handouts from his father and grandmother. As coronavirus kills millions and tens of millions more are reduced to absolute destitution it takes staggering stupidity for these two to plead poverty. Have they no self-awareness?

The most jaw dropping claim by MM was that she contemplated suicide. What on earth would prompt a healthy, good looking, 30 something, talented multi-millionairess with a loving husband and a healthy child to kill herself? Her marriage must be dreadful then. Perhaps she does not care for her infant. Fortunately, she chose not to take her own life. But can her staggering statement be taken at face value? Smells piscatory.

Meghan is not much of an actress. She did not make these lies seem remotely credible. Notice the blink rate when she makes these most incredible claims. She strives to be a tragedienne without much success.

The duchess moanfully recounted her numberless travails. Everything about her time in the royal family seems to have been laboursome at best.

MM’s narrative took place in a diegetic. According to her to has suffered grievously and never done the slightest thing wrong. In what possible world is MM hard done by?

This perhaps Oprah’s most pathetic interview. Not once did she ask a tough question. Nor did she ever cast the slightest doubt on their performative utterances. Oprah Winfrey is a seasoned interviewer. Why give the gruesome twosome such an easy ride? Presumably these two control freaks agreed all the questions in advance and insisted on total editorial control.

The interview came out on Women’s Day. There are no coincidences with MM.

Harry and MM profess fealty to Her Majesty the Queen. Is that why they gave this interview that even someone as dim as Harry would know will damage the monarchy severely.

Meghan has done more to harm the monarchy than anyone since Oliver Cromwell.

Prince Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip was in hospital after a major heart operation. Many thought he was dying. That was when MM and Harry released the interview. Did they break the old man’s heart?

For many the most shocking statement in the interview is that a member of the royal family had ‘concerns’ about the skin tone of Meghan’s unborn infant. Is concern really the right word? Perhaps it is. Or did this person simply wonder aloud what shade the baby would be? As the child would be a quarter black there is a wide spectrum of skin tones the child could have. Not that it matters. Did someone wonder if the child’s hair would be flocculent? Did someone ask anything at all on this topic? Look at Meghan’s blink rate when speaking about this. See how it goes up. She is not that good an actress. There were many tells of lying. She has a track record for telling porky pies. It feeds into her meta narrative: woe is me.

M and H are saying there is a racialist in the Windsors. They ruled out QE2 and Phil the Greek as being the culprit. But that means a pall of suspicion is thrown over a dozen others. Better to name and shame rather than damn the whole lot.

The duchess confirmed that she and Kate Middleton disagreed on the dress for Princess Charlotte at the wedding. MM claims that she as reduced to a lachrymose state by the Duchess of Cambridge. I have never known of anyone who said that Kate mistreated them. It is hard to credit that someone as equable and let’s face it as bland as Kate did anything rude. It is MM who is umbrageous. There she is playing the victim once again. Who as in the right here? It was MM’s wedding? But it was Kate’s child. Surely the Duchess of Cambridge should have had the last word.

The Duchess of Cambridge provided a template for MM to follow. But MM declined to do so. Kate is insipidity itself but she has never put a foot wrong.

MM claims that her mental health was suffering. Her putative fragility is extreme. Any disobliging coverage harms her mental health. Logocide is in action. Mental health is now used to mean any sense of disappointment and displeasure.

The interview was heavily trailed. We were promised explosive claims. The sensationalist hype was intended to cause the maximum possible harm to the monarchy.

The reaction has been predictable. One American commentator said that the royal family had failed to provide M and H with a home or security. This is a flagrant falsehood. M and H were given Frogmore Cottage to live in which they complained had a mere eight bedrooms. They were provided with round the clock armed bodyguards. The couple threw all that away when they decided to bow out from being senior royals. You cannot have your cake and eat it. Frogmore now needs a lustration.

You cannot have it both ways. They want to prostitute their regal status to the max but not abide by any of its protocols. This is infra dig.

Meghan moaned that she felt immured in Frogmore Cottage. She was living in an opulent house with several square miles of exquisite grounds. It is some of the most luxurious real estate in the United Kingdom. But that was beneath the dignity of princess pushy. In what sense was she in a golden cage? She flew to New York for a baby shower. She went to Wimbledon and had a whole row of seats cleared for her.

M and H complained that their son was not a prince. Was this racialist? The Queen certainly has black ancestry. Archie is not a prince because of rules laid down by George V in 1917.

MM has done her damndest to jeopardise the futurity of the Windsor dynasty. She is a one-woman disaster zone.

Harry is a firm opponent of privilege. That is why he wanted to be addressed as Your Royal Highness, wanted his son to be a prince, wants taxpayer cash, wants publicly funded 24/7 armed guards, wanted to use ‘royal’ in the name of his foundation and thinks a media podium is his birthright.

MM is an ardent advocate of egalitarianism. She is the princess of equality. She is too purblind to spot this as an oxymoron.

MM and Harry gripe that they are given second billing. How can a member of a royal house not grasp primogeniture? Monarchy is not an equal opportunities position for which one applies.

What MM could not abide was courtiers telling her that there were certain acts that were not the done thing. She was unwilling to obey the rules.

The clown prince should never have been accepted at Eton. It was trailed in the tabloids in the mid 1990s that he would not be admitted. But he was let in. Anyone else with his abysmal GCSEs would have been shown the door. He was disruptive in classes and boorish elsewhere. He was given the sword of honour in the Combined Cadet Force despite being a so-so soldier. His art teacher helped him cheat in Art A level and recorded him vocally acknowledging this. Nonetheless, he was not disqualified.

Despite wearing a swastika armband at a party Harry was let into Sandhurst. At the Royal Military Academy he frequently publicly called South Asian people ‘Pakis.’ He often took drugs. Yet he was still commissioned into Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Would all this have happened had he been working class? Harry hates privilege except his own.

Harry was patently a mediocre army officer. Why else did he leave the army?

MM had a minor part on Suits. The fearless advocate of female bodily emancipation was a suitcase girl on a gameshow. She strutted around in stiletoes and a cocktail dress: so not selling sex or anything? Not objectifying the body? Would she have got that job if she had looked like the back of a bus?

The duchess was patently a second-rate actress. If she loved it why give up? If she loves Harry then why poison the well with his family? Since they have all but left the royal family she has angled for roles. She is one of the most bankable names in the world. Name recognition is all. Yet still she has not landed anything bar a single voiceover.

The duchess has got an explanation for everything. If anything does not go her way, then it is due to racialism. If there is no evidence of racialism then it is institutional racialism.

Her Britannic Majesty is surely frumious. Harry claims to respect Her Maj. What a display of filial impiety he has been.

It seems that the Sussexes have declared disinformation war on the British Monarchy. Expect a relentless barrage of very damaging calumnies to be fired by them.

In her early 30s MM married. By that stage one knows what one is doing. Meghan callously cast off her first husband after only two years of wedded bliss. She spurned her spouse despite no evidence of infidelity.

MM has previous. Her modus operandi is use, abuse discard. Once she has extracted the max from Harry no doubt he shall be cast aside like a used condom. I doubt that their marriage will last a lustrum. Was divorcing him her grand plan all along.

Meghan has the temerity to lecture us on caring for the mental health of others. Why not call your dad? He is a very ill man. Her siblings cannot stand her.

The Duchess of Sussex is surely the worst thing to hit the House of Windsor since Wallis Simpson. A wilful, overopinionated, 30 something, childless American divorcee married into the British royal family once before. We all know how that ended.

In terms of fecundity MM has done well. She has undergone three pregnancies in three years or so she would have us believe. Her reproductive system is remarkable for someone in her late 30s. She told the world she had had a miscarriage. So much for her wanting privacy. MM then said she was breaking the stigma surrounding miscarriage. Who said this was stigmatic? Many women prefer to keep this within the family. It is not bad to grieve privately? People also refrain from telling perfect strangers about this infelicitous event because it makes others feel gauche and simply spreads sorrow.

MM wants privacy but published her correspondence with friends.MM believes in sisterhood but has her minions publish poison about Kate. MM has already destroyed two families. Is she onto her third?

The Queen ought to disentitle them. We cannot otherwise exclude the possibility that Harry will otherwise succeed. All it would take is a car crash or a bomb and Harry would wear the crown.

The duchess may have political aspirations. Do these rise even to the White House? I would not put it past her. Her ambition is concealed behind a fake smile.

The public may have had a surfeit of this self-indulgent pair of whingebags. They might have saturated the market for navel gazing and feeling sorry for themselves. Joe Public might be jaded with such antics. M and H could well find that their shelf life is short. Who could not weary of such a diet of lamentation and recrimination?

The Duke of Sussex shall reside in North America for an aoristic time. But he may tire of a continent that shall soon tire of him.

Prince Harry’s conduct is more emetic than that of his Lady MacBeth. He knew the rules better than her. He was blinded by his own lust.

Perhaps one day the Duke of Sussex will become rueful about shunning his family and his nation. Harry should be allowed back to Britain but only via Traitors’ Gate.

Can the House of Windsor perdure?


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