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Mexican State Closes Border With Arizona As COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens: Live Updates



  • Mexican state closes border with US
  • Texas reports another 7,555 new cases, 3rd highest yet
  • Global total nears 11 million
  • South Carolina positivity rate hits 20.7%
  • Latam surpasses US case total
  • More MLB, NBA players test positive
  • California reports latest case numbers
  • Court orders 3 defiant Arizona gyms to close
  • South Africa suffers record jump in new cases; positivity rate ~25%
  • Dallas reports more than 1k cases
  • Arizona hospitalizations at new record high
  • 105 University of Washington students living in frat houses off campus test positive
  • NY reports 9 fatalities
  • Sweden sees deaths, hospitalizations tumble
  • WHO warns against trying to predict when vaccine will be ready
  • ES futures slide as Florida passes NJ with 178k COVID-19 cases
  • Gov Cuomo delivers a holiday weekend warning
  • Britain mandates quarantine for all American visitors
  • US reports another record case jump
  • Total cases (US): ~2,740,000
  • Washington State Gov pauses reopening
  • India reports new record daily jump
  • South Korea sees another 60 cases
  • China cluster eases
  • Peru death toll tops 10k

* * *

Update (2000ET): At least one Mexican state has just closed its border with Arizona to cut off the expected flood of 4th of July travelers. The state is Sonora, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The state is in a difficult position because it’s struggling to contain its own outbreak while across the border, officials in Arizona are trying to do the same.

As coronavirus cases surge across the US, one Mexican state is closing itself off from its northern neighbor out of concern for safety, outlets report.

Officials in Sonora, Mexico moved quickly to slam the border shut before the start of the July Fourth weekend, traditionally a peak tourism time as Americans flock south to celebrate, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

Officials have not announced a reopening date.

Sonora is in a difficult position. It’s struggling to control the pandemic within its own borders, and just above is Arizona, one of the most afflicted states in the U.S..

* * *

Update (1700ET): Just as today’s earlier numbers from Dallas suggested, Texas reported 7,555 new confirmed cases on Friday, the state’s third-highest number yet. .

NEW: Hospitalizations up 270 in Texas today to a new high.

7,555 new cases, about 500 less than the record of 8,076 on Wednesday.

50 new deaths.

Positivity rate back up a bit to 13.92% pic.twitter.com/ZDB4KM5G6i

— Matt Largey (@mattlargey) July 3, 2020

The latest numbers haven’t been added to the state’s dashboard yet, which means the state’s true total is just shy of 191,000 confirmed cases, and 2,625 deaths.

Source: Texas HHS

In sports news, the NBA’s Miami Heat have closed their practice facility at the American Airlines Arena in Miami after a second player tested positive.

MLB pitcher Brett Martin of the Texas Rangers has tested positive, according to his team. A team rep says Martin is now in quarantine in Texas. Boston Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke admitted during a briefing on Friday that the team had a “few positive cases”.

As more states roll back their reopenings, Akansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed an executive order giving cities the ability to mandate face coverings, becoming the latest governor in the deep south to start softening his resistance to more strict measures.

In a major milestone underlining the severity of the outbreak in Latin America, the region reached more than 2.7 million  cases and the number of deaths reached more than 121,000, according to a count by CNN.

The rankings have shifted over the last couple of weeks as the outbreaks in Chile and Peru have spiraled out of control:

1. Brazil: 1,496,858 cases; 61,884 deaths

2. Peru: 292,004 cases; 10,045 deaths

3. Chile: 288,089 cases; 6,051 deaths

4. Mexico: 238,511 cases; 29,189 deaths

5. Colombia: 106,110 cases; 3,641 deaths

6. Argentina: 69,941 cases; 1,385 deaths

7. Ecuador: 60,657 cases; 4,700 deaths

8. Bolivia: 35,528 cases; 1,271 deaths

9. Panama: 35,237 cases, 667 deaths

10. Dominican Republic: 35,148 cases; 775 deaths

The 10 worst-hit countries in the region alone have at least 2,658,083 coronavirus cases and at least 119,608 virus-related deaths. That suggests both numbers for the entire region are probably higher than the US’s total (and there are probably also many more undiagnosed cases and uncounted deaths).

Brazil’s neighbors have also seen a notable pickup in cases. Since last Friday, Argentina has passed Ecuador, Bolivia  has passed Panama and the Dominican Republic, and Panama has surpassed the DR. In other news, Costa Rica on Friday extended restrictions in several provinces due to the sharp rise in cases. Chile’s health ministry reported 131 new deaths Friday, bringing the country’s death toll north of 6k to 6,051.

Finally, in South Carolina reported 1,558 new cases and 10 new deaths Friday. According to the agency’s numbers, the positivity rate in the state is now 20.7%.

There are currently 1,148 hospital beds occupied by patients who have either tested positive or are suspected of having the virus. The hospital bed utilization rate is just shy of 73%. South Carolina has a total of 41,413 confirmed cases, 119 probable cases, 787 confirmed deaths and six probable deaths, according to the statement.

California’s cases continued to climb, with the state reporting  another 5,688 cases bringing its total to 248,235 confirmed cases.

Another 100 deaths were reported, bringing the state’s total to 6,263. Roughly 43% of the state’s cases are in LA County. The statewide positivity rate stands at 6.4 % for the past 14-days. And hospitalization rates are back at record highs north of 5,500 patients.

Globally, the coronavirus case total stood at 2,976,026 as of 7pmET, meaning we’ll likely pass 11 million later tonight.

* * *

Update (1534ET): While we still haven’t heard much, if anything, from CNN about today’s hydroxychloroquine news, the network reported on three defiant gyms in Arizona that are refusing to shut down again. A court has sent them an official order to cease and desist, If they continue to resist, the owners could face jail.

Meanwhile, South Africa just suffered its worst day yet.

JUST IN: South Africa reports 9,063 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, with daily positivity rate of over 23%.

South Africa’s largest daily increase so far.

— Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) July 3, 2020

Epidemiologists around the world have been looking toward Africa with increasing alarm over the outbreak, which is picking up steam after getting off to a slow start.

* * *

Update (1500ET): As we wait for the latest update out of Texas, Dallas officials just reported one of their highest single-day totals yet.

.@DCHHS reports 1,085 cases & 6 deaths. Today we reached 1,000 new cases for the first time & are reporting 6 deaths. So far this week, we’ve seen a jump in the average number of daily cases from 451 last week to 680 this week & have recorded 42 deaths our deadliest week thus far pic.twitter.com/vFym3GXwAP

— Clay Jenkins (@JudgeClayJ) July 3, 2020

To put that into context.

#NEW: Dallas County is reporting 1,085 cases and 6 deaths today.

The county didn’t hit 400 cases in a day till two weeks ago.

42 deaths this week is the deadliest so far.


— William Joy (@WilliamJoy) July 3, 2020

Masks may have contributed to the northeast’s success, but just making masks mandatory simply isn’t enough to stop the outbreak from escalating, as LA County has shown us.

I am all for wearing masks, but why has the daily case count in LA County surged when mandatory mask orders were put in place on May 14 and lockdown orders were issued in March https://t.co/JcI3xNHsFx pic.twitter.com/xlHblGYWvv

— Jonathan Garber (@BondsFx) July 3, 2020

President Trump is set to travel to South Dakota Friday to watch a fireworks display.

Whilst U.S. coronavirus infections surge, President Trump is set to travel to South Dakota on Friday evening for a massive fireworks display at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The crowd is expected to number in the thousands.

Latest updates: https://t.co/P73utdzyph

— The New York Times (@nytimes) July 3, 2020

Earlier, the FDA approved the first test that tests for COVID-19 and the seasonal flu, which should put Dr. Fauci’s mind at ease.

I am all for wearing masks, but why has the daily case count in LA County surged when mandatory mask orders were put in place on May 14 and lockdown orders were issued in March https://t.co/JcI3xNHsFx pic.twitter.com/xlHblGYWvv

— Jonathan Garber (@BondsFx) July 3, 2020

As we noted earlier, a study has (Finally) shown that hydroxychloroquine can be effective in high-risk patients if taken early enough.

?????????? https://t.co/DbfL6zj9QA

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) July 3, 2020

Yet, even with the slow news day due to the holiday weekend, we’re not seeing much attention being paid to this development.

Some college students who allegedly threw “COVID-19 parties” have terrified parents with their nonchalant attitude toward the virus. In the latest story along those lines, more than 100 University of Washington students have tested positive . The students all lived in frat houses near campus, per CBS.

“It really is consistent with what we’ve been observing, which is incredible noncompliance with wearing face masks, social distancing, particularly among young adults and teenagers,” he said.

Looks like the NYT and CNN are going to need to rethink their whole “Gen Z will save us” narrative.

* * *

Update (1205ET): Arizona hospitalizations hit another record high as the state reports another 4,400 cases and ICU capacity hits dangerously crowded levels (though, as we learned from Houston, there’s overflow capacity that can still be brought on-line). Total hospitalizations rose by 75 to 3,013 over the last 24 hours.

Arizona is reporting 4,433 new coronavirus cases, and 31 more deaths.

The state says 91% of its ICU beds are filled with COVID-19 patients, only 196 licensed beds are left in the entire state.

BREAKING: only 9% of ICU beds available in Arizona = 156 licensed beds

?1,788 deaths

?31 deaths reported

?91,858 (known) positive cases

?4,433 new cases in 24 hours

? 17K PCR tests

Look at this chart for spike in #COVID19 ER visits ⬇️#abc15 pic.twitter.com/2HlgMmlG2H

— Nicole Grigg (@NicoleSGrigg) July 3, 2020

Maricopa county remains the hardest-hit county in the state. It’s also the most densely populated, being home to Phoenix, one of the biggest cities in the country.

The state’s last record high came earlier this week, on Wednesday.

* * *

Update (1115ET): NY Gov Andrew Cuomo has just released the latest batch of daily COVID-19 figures…and it looks like the state recorded just 9 deaths over the last 24 hrs.

Today’s update on the numbers:

66,392 tests were performed yesterday. 918 tests came back positive (1.38% of total).

Total hospitalizations fell to 857.

Sadly, there were 9 COVID fatalities yesterday. pic.twitter.com/JuLH9YB1EU

— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) July 3, 2020

* * *

Update (1100ET): Building on comments from the other day, the WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan insisted that we can’t yet say reliably when a vaccine will be ready for mass production.

Here’s more from Reuters:


Meanwhile, while Sweden still has one of the higher mortality rates overall (5,000 deaths for a population of 10.2 million), and while the country’s immensely popular method of tackling the virus with no lockdowns has seen its popularity fade as the death toll crossed 5k, the numbers show that Sweden might be one of the closest communities toward achieving herd immunity.

* * *

Update (1030ET): It wasn’t the 10k jump from the other day, but Florida reported another 9,488 ( 5.6%) cases on Friday, pushing its total case tally past New Jersey’s. The 7-day average is 5.8%.

Florida takes 4th place from New Jersey in recorded cases (though still well behind in actual cases I’m sure) https://t.co/xfF2oic4xe

— Jacob Alperin-Sheriff (@DemocraticLuntz) July 3, 2020

While we didn’t take out the last record, hospitalizations in the state continued to climb at an alarming rate.

9488 new Florida COVID-19 cases overnight:

-178594 total cases (up from 169106)

-15491 hospital admissions (up from 15150)

-3864 deaths (up from 3617)

-42311 in Dade (up from 40265)

-18229 in Broward (up from 17116)

-15324 in Palm Beach (up from 14859) https://t.co/kEQN3K4Uxd

— Brian Entin (@BrianEntin) July 3, 2020

ES aren’t liking this (though fortunately the cash market will have the whole weekend to digest these numbers).

Florida is now No. 4 in the country behind only Texas (No. 3; 182k), California (No. 2; 248k) and New York (No. 1; 400k).

* * *

Update (1000ET): Before you kick back with a bucket-full of Bud’Merica’s and a wheelbarrow full of illegal fireworks, we implore you, dear reader, to read this special holiday weekend message from NY Gov Andrew Cuomo:

Remember that COVID won’t take July 4th weekend off.

Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Wash hands with soap often.

Big July 4 parties — especially indoor ones — are a bad idea. A really bad idea.

— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) July 2, 2020

Oh and one more thing: If you haven’t spoken to grandma lately, maybe find some time to give her a ring. You would probably make her day.

* * *

Update (0950ET): Joining the EU27, the UK has released an updated list of travel guidelines that will ease restrictions on visitors from dozens of countries, though not the US.

The EU has urged all European states to bar travelers from the US, unless they complete a mandatory 2-week quarantine upon arriving. The notable difference is that the EU will block most Americans from even traveling to Europe, while the UK will permit arrivals, so long as they agree to quarantine under close monitoring.

Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of Scotland’s devolved government, bashed the conservative government’s “shambolic” decision making process, but nonetheless said she would accept the updated guidelines. The devolved governments of Wales and Northern Ireland must also accept the guidelines, or set their own.

Meanwhile, in China’s Hebei Province (not Hubei where Wuhan is) still has hundreds of thousands of families on mandatory lockdowns even as newly confirmed cases have once again trended toward zero.

Elsewhere, South Korea reported 63 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday, another alarming uptick as health authorities scramble to mobilize public health resources in the city of Gwangju, the home of the latest outbreak where more than 50 people were found sickened over the past week.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the new total is 12,967 infections, and 282 deaths.

India reported yet another single-day record jump in new virus cases on Friday, breaking 20k for the second day in a row: 20,903.

The figure took the national total to 625,544. The Ministry of Health also reported an additional 379 deaths, taking the death toll to 18,213. At this rate, India should surpass Russia as the world’s third-worst-hit country in the coming days as Vladimir Putin, having just secured another decade-plus in power, is finally bringing things under control.

In Latin America, Peru’s death toll rose to 10,045 on Thursday, the health ministry said, a day after the Latin American nation began easing a lockdown as its economy teeters on the brink of a serious crisis. The number of deaths rose by 185 in the last 24 hours, while the number of people infected rose to 292,004. Peru has the third-worst outbreak in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico.

* * *

Coronavirus cases in the US hit another daily record on Thursday as Americans prepared for a distinctly joyless Fourth of July weekend that bears none of the sense of joy and revival that the country enjoyed on Memorial Day Weekend. According to JHU, the US reported 52,291 new cases, bringing its nationwide total to 2,739,879.

Source: JHU

Last night, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee announced that he would pause the phased reopening process for all counties in the state for 2 weeks, joining NY & NJ in delaying some of its reopening plans due to the outbreak int he south and west, while dozens of states – including Texas and Florida, arguably the two hardest hit states – have taken steps to roll back or delay their reopening. He also announced a statewide directive for businesses to require face coverings of all employees and customers, just a few hours after Texas Gov Greg Abbott issued an executive order mandating mask-wearing.

Washington’s decision comes after the state reported 509 new cases yesterday, the highest single-day number since April 8.

While the resurgence of new cases in Washington State is definitely discouraging, heading into the weekend, only a handful of states in the northeast – NY, NJ, Connecticut, Mass., RI, Vermont, NH and Maine – haven’t seen the numbers backslide.

To put things in perspective….

In May, we did not break 30k cases in a day. Today, the South alone reported 32,830. pic.twitter.com/fGCEGi3o7V

— The COVID Tracking Project (@COVID19Tracking) July 2, 2020

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