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Mike Leach Says Nick Saban’s Greatest Skill Is Pushing High-Profile Players


Mississippi State coach Mike Leach has very high praise for Nick Saban.

Alabama and the Bulldogs will play this Saturday in an SEC game that will generate a lot of buzz, and Leach has nothing but respect for the seven-time national champion. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Leach said the following when discussing Saban’s best skills:

I have known him for quite a while. I have always thought he evaluates really well. He’s in a position where he can get pretty much anybody, but I think he evaluates which ones to take very well. The other thing is he’s not afraid to tell somebody no or push somebody hard. Occasionally, someone will get a five-star Parade All-American and then he’s afraid to coach him. Coach Saban is not afraid to coach that guy and push that guy. I have always thought the strongest things he did was evaluate and push guys.

I’m sure a lot of fans figured Leach would say that Saban’s greatest skill was game-planning, drawing up Xs and Os or something like that.

However, as a college football fan, I’m actually not surprised he picked this avenue to praise Saban as a coach.

If there’s one thing we know about Nick Saban, he’s not afraid to push anyone when he thinks it’s necessary. That’s a fact.

Nick Saban with another message to his team after their performance against Mercer @abc3340 pic.twitter.com/r6t9AtnnrX

— Chris McCulley (@ChrisMcCulleyTV) September 12, 2021

Nobody expects more out of their players than Nick Saban does. That’s why he has seven national titles and nobody else does.

Remember his epic democracy rant? That more or less sums it up.

Nick Saban had a message for everyone in the Alabama program after being asked about tight end Jahleel Billingsley:

“This is not a democracy.” pic.twitter.com/aDlngvjqHs

— SEC Mike (@MichaelWBratton) August 21, 2021

Now, we wait to see how the Crimson Tide bounce back after their devastating loss to Texas A&M. Something tells me it’s going to be ugly for the Bulldogs. Catch the game at 7:00 EST on ESPN!


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