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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Home Headlines Millions without power in Texas as snowstorm slams US

Millions without power in Texas as snowstorm slams US



The power state, Texas, is out of power.  Texas moved a large portion of the power grid to wind but the turbines don’t work in cold weather.

Last February scientists warned of a mini ice age during the solar minimum.   Others say it is a myth, but China built three times more new coal power plants in 2020 than the rest of the world.  Maybe they don’t think it s a myth.  China will be able to keep warm if there is a deep freeze.  The climate is and always is changing, we just can’t predict or control how.   I trust “Mother Nature” to outwit us all.  I don’t believe Grumpy Greta knows anything other than what she is told; she is a manufactured front for green energy investment firms.

Texas has enough non-renewable resources but they decided to close down 3 plants and build wind farms.  People are dying without power in Texas, that is incredulous.  Biden’s policy to invest everything in renewables is a really bad idea.  Biden did say it was going to be a dark Winter, but nobody realized it would be because of renewables that he supports.

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