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Minnesota Legislators: Is Ilhan Omar Above The Law?


On August 6, 2019, Minnesota legislators tasked the IRS Commissioner and all other relevant federal authorities to investigate Ilhan Omar, Representative of Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, for both tax fraud and tax evasion.

It’s been well established that Rep. Omar filed taxes in 2014 and 2015 as being married to Ahmed Hirsi even though she was legally married to Ahmed Elmi.

Almost two years ago investigative journalist Laura Loomer discovered that Ilhan Omar may have committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother. For her scrutiny into Ilhan Omar the Big Tech industry silenced her even though she was RIGHT.

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Even President Trump pointed out that Omar raises a lot of questions in respects to immigration and tax fraud.

Ahmed Elmi is allegedly Ilhan Omar’s brother based on evidence collected by independent investigative journalists.

Ilhan Omar, “husband”, Ahmed Hirsi and Omar’s children.

When people file taxes every year it is so that they are able to claim some of the money they have paid back or to adjust their fair share of taxes. Undeniably, the evidence indicates that there is sufficient probable cause for such an investigation to examine if:

  • the filings allowed her and the joint filer to enjoy lower tax liability
  • provide her tax exemptions she legally was not qualified for

The Minnesota legislators asked their respective US House District Representatives to launch an investigation on behalf of their constituents and they were reluctant. Specifically, Angie Craig told her constituents and district legislators “Do it yourself!”

Angie Craig MN District 2

Well, look, what I will say to you, again, is that I am a member of Congress focused on the issues that my district wants me to focus on. I have been very clear that a foreign entity interfered with American democracy and we have to understand the details of that, and we have to make sure it never happens again.

Angie Craig Townhall

Craig has angered her constituents and will most likely not see another term as she refuses to do exactly what she has promised, and that is to address the concerns of her constituents. In her Town Hall (below) she contradicted herself repeatedly and evaded all questions about Rep. Omar regarding Omar’s dubious history, claims of immigration, and tax fraud.

The Minnesota Representatives submitted a request on July 23, 2019 to the US House Ethics Committee to investigate Ilhan Omar. Their request is still under review.

As reported by LauraLoomer.us and Laura Loomer herself – who was banned from the global public community by “Big Tech” for exposing Omar – this is not speculation. Government agencies have confirmed information that Laura Loomer exclusively reported on over 2 years ago.

While it’s the overall consensus that all persons should be held to the same standard equally under the law, the same standard does not seem to apply to Ilhan Omar. Omar has repeatedly obfuscated her past, intentionally falsified information, and has launched attacks via her supporters and or financial backers against all those who spoke up demonstrating her alleged crimes.

Mainstream media (MSM) outlets throughout Minnesota have buried all information, facts and documentation demonstrating crimes Omar may have enacted in the past and those she is currently committing. The MSM is not a valid and unbiased news source. Shockingly, the Star Tribune has a MURAL of Ilhan Omar in their lobby and in a story that is still developing, Governor Walz has embraced Islam – committed to revamping Minnesota’s image from the Gopher State to the Islamic State.

Full Press Conference

Ilhan Omar’s behavior is NOT a partisan issue. It’s not about party politics, rather it’s about honesty in our representatives and their behavior. In North Dakota – which is a predominantly Republican State – citizens filed complaints with the FBI and Ethics Commission about Senator John Hoeven and the discrepancies in his Senate financial filings. Hoeven is a long standing politician and was once governor of the state, but what the citizens don’t realize is that his businesses don’t pay state tax, have an income of over $500 MILLION (that is not being reported in the Senate), and the citizens will soon demand accountability, no longer keeping quiet because they are “our party”.

The fact that the media and Democrats are making this about “politics” or “islamophobia” is horrific and exactly why our Congress’ state of health is poor. Holding our representatives and senators to the highest standard is imperative for an uncompromising, transparent, and democratic process. Omar seems to be protected by her hijab, anti-American rhetoric and color, not her actions which is indication that honesty and transparency are not priorities for the House Democrats. Angie Craig made that clear when she dismissed her constituents requests, which she WILL ultimately answer for at the ballot box.

The burning question the Minnesota legislators have: “Is Ilhan Omar above the Law?” This question will be answered if and when the US House Ethics Committee investigate the substantiated allegations of tax and immigration fraud.

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