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Mob killer’s $250,000 slip and fall settlement now a kick in the head as feds move to collect Tommy Shots’ windfall for restitution



Mafia veteran “Tommy Shots” Gioeli’s lucky break — a fractured kneecap — is now a legal pain in the neck.

The one-time street boss of the Colombo crime family won a recent $250,000 settlement for an August 2013 slip-and-fall while playing ping-pong behind bars, only to find federal prosecutors want the cash to help cover $360,000 in court-ordered restitution owed to a bank and a fur store.

Gioeli, acting as his own attorney, filed a massive 83-page court document from his Connecticut prison cell arguing the injury payoff from the federal Bureau of Prisons was off-limits to authorities.

The tough guy, described by witnesses as a cold-blooded assassin during a 2012 trial where he was convicted of racketeering, wants the restitution order amended based on his limited “level of contribution” to the two heists.

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