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Mom trying to get son out of NYC jail tasered, beaten, robbed of $30,000 in bail money as correction officers look on: lawsuit



A jittery mom, her purse stuffed with $30,000 cash, walked into the Manhattan Detention Center to bail out her son.

Seven hours later, the money was gone. The son was still behind bars. And the 69-year old mother was inside a hospital emergency room, the victim of a merciless robbery that haunts her to this day.

In a detailed and disturbing Manhattan lawsuit, Linda Shapiro says she was twice victimized for her May 10, 2016, mission of maternal mercy: First in a brazen set-up where Department of Correction workers conspired with two sadistic bandits to steal her cash.

And then by a continuing cover-up as Correction Department officials allegedly stonewalled the investigation of the still-unsolved Lower Manhattan crime.

Shapiro, a 69-year-old psychotherapist, suffers PTSD and harrowing flashbacks to the attack where she was twice tasered, slammed repeatedly against a wall and left writhing in agony while correction workers watched without offering aid or summoning help, her lawyer claims.

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