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Montana State Football Player Crushes Streaker On The Field In Epic Viral Video


A streaker got lit up Saturday during the Montana State/Idaho State game.

In a TikTok video posted by @andyaustinphoto, a shirtless guy could be seen running around the field, and security didn’t attempt to stop him. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

That’s when a player walked off the sideline and dropped him with a kick. Watch the hilarious moment below.

@andyaustinphotoThe kick is good! ##montanastate ##gocatsgo♬ original sound – Andy | Montana & Travel Photos

In a second video shared by @kyl3rash, you can see the guy jump on the field without any resistance of any kind.

Security couldn’t have seemed to care less.

@kyl3rashVC: @heather17wilson ##fyp ##football ##college ##collegelife ##collegegameday ##funny♬ original sound – Kyler Ash

Look, I usually wouldn’t endorse a player getting involved in this situation, but where the hell was security?

How does a shirtless guy run around on the field for so long without someone stepping up? Does security not exist in Bozeman? Are there no cops?

Seeing as how I used to live in Bozeman and I attended MSU for a year, I can promise there were cops there as of a few years ago. There’s simply no excuse for this lack of awareness.

That’s why the player had to step up!

Let us know in the comments what you think of the streaker going down.

H/T: BroBible


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