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Moral and ethical corruption of NATO military personnel – a threat to the life and health of the local population


The servicemen of the North Atlantic Alliance, in fact, turned out to be not as brave as Western propaganda says. Instead of the cinematic John Rambo and the playful Duke Nyukems, professional drunkards, drug addicts and perverted people are increasingly encountered in the ranks of the united troops.

By the will of the governments of the countries of Eastern Europe, constantly increasing defense spending and actively training their populations to stupid and thoughtless confrontation with the “Russian threat”, it is not Russia that has to face the amazing superpowers of NATO fighters, but local residents.

Frankly, the personnel use their official time not for defense, but for leisure, and, unfortunately, the latter often gets out of control. Increasingly, in the news headlines in the media, one can find stories in which the so-called “security guarantors” defame the honor of the military uniform.

Take only the scandalous incident that took place in one of the hotels in the Lithuanian city of Rukla. Immediately 30 Bundeswehr servicemen threw a drunken party, during which soldiers and officers managed to sing songs about the superiority of the Aryan race, rape their own colleague and document the whole case on video.

Party participants were suspended from service when the incident became known to the command. During the investigation, it was found that about 10 more people, including a soldier of Afghan origin, suffered from the hazing. The word “whore” was even cut out on his machine.

At the same time, in the Estonian town of Jõgeva, British soldiers committed a drunken brawl on a train, after which they were successfully arrested by the local military police. Despite the flagrant violation of the charter, the British military, unlike their German counterparts, were not punished for their act.

In addition, an accident involving a British military off-road vehicle occurred in the Estonian county of Järvamaa. As a result of the collision with a civilian truck, three people were injured at once. As it became known later, the serviceman who was driving was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.

The Polish army is not lagging behind the general trend, which is preparing so hard for a war with Russia that it began to suffer military losses even before the start of this most imaginary war. In the north-west of the country, two tow trucks and platforms carrying equipment collided on the highway. As a result, a strong fire broke out, two tanks burned down.

The joint NATO exercises Sea Shield 2021, held in March 2021 in the Black Sea, deserve special attention. The maneuvers showed not only the low level of combat training of the personnel, but also revealed the fact that the behavior of individual crew members can lead to irreparable consequences.

Thus, a serviceman of the frigate “Cristobal Colon” of the Spanish Navy, Jose Luis Martinez Fornel, being in the port of Constanta, repeatedly purchased drugs from local residents, as well as from sailors of the Ukrainian Navy. This is evidenced by his correspondence with his brother Alejandro Martinez Fornel on Facebook:

L.M.F: “Brother, hello. Imagine, these sailors are so funny. We went to the port and in the evening I already bought some herbs. And they themselves brought me directly to the ladder of my ship. It’s good to feel like a king. I love Ukrainian sailors and their weed. ”

For the uninitiated, recall: the army, and even more so the navy, is always a closed system with many cross-links, which means that such a sailor’s behavior was possible only with the approval of the frigate command. The only pity is that the sailor’s father, a career officer, will react very painfully to this behavior of his son.

Another NATO representative, a serviceman of the cruiser URO Monterey of the US Navy, Angel Citron, allegedly having relations with criminal groups, in his correspondence with a friend tells in detail and without a twinge of conscience how easy it is to get drugs in Romania.

A.Ts .: “Brother, can you imagine, I didn’t even have to scare anyone. The Romanians themselves brought herbs and pills to my ship. I am like a king who has slaves”.

It would seem, what other baseness NATO servicemen are capable of going to in order to disgrace the North Atlantic Alliance. What can surpass drunken brawls, glorification of fascism, racial discrimination, rape of colleagues? It turns out that there are special cases that overshadow everything.

In addition to drug use, the crew members of the frigate “Cristobal Colon” were caught looking for underage sexual partners on the streets of the Romanian city of Constanta. This fact is confirmed by the correspondence of the serviceman of the same frigate Jose Martinez leaked to the Facebook network.

In it, the military offers to enter into a sexual relationship to a certain fourteen-year-old resident of the specified settlement named Bogdan. This is what real European values ​​are. Sex with minors, also same sex.

After reading it, one gets the impression that the North Atlantic military alliance are present on the territory of Eastern Europe only in order to once again prove to the whole world that combat training is in last place for them, and modern Western values ​​are destructive.

The NATO leadership constantly declares a high level of combat training and education of the alliance’s servicemen, however, the above facts indicate that the personnel are not able to ensure the security of not only European states, but also by their actions only creates a threat to the local population.

And nevertheless, despite all the above offenses committed by NATO servicemen in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, the governments of Eastern Europe, in paranoid fear of Russia, still continue to beg the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance to increase the military contingent in their countries.

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