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‘Morning Joe’ on Coronavirus: ‘Sociopathic’ Trump ‘Actively Working to Tank the Stock Market


During Friday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and a panel weighed in on President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Scarborough blasted Trump for “lying” and “spreading disinformation” about the coronavirus, accusing him of “actively working to tank the stock market.”

“[Y]ou have the President of the United States, who is actually spreading disinformation, trying to tell everybody there’s nothing to worry about, telling people to go back to work if they want to, his words, ‘go back to work while you have coronavirus.’ That is the quickest way to turn this epidemic into a pandemic,” Scarborough said.

“You just look at all of his statements, and it’s almost as if Donald Trump is actively working to tank the stock market,” the “Morning Joe” host added. “It keeps collapsing for a reason. It’s collapsing because airline officials are panicked, they’re going to the President of the United States talking bout possibly the worst drop that they’ve ever had in business. It rivals and may actually end up being far worse than what happened on 9/11. He has other leaders talking about the supply chains across the planet being broken up, and he thinks that actually being cheerful and lying to the American people — and they’re obvious lies — lying to the American people about the disease, the virus, about being able to work even if you have the virus, talking about how it’s going to go away when the weather warms up, that’s only making the markets more concerned, which is why once again, we had a collapse on Wall Street yesterday. And once again this morning, stock futures, way down.”

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch then pointed to how Trump has lied consistently during his presidency, calling his remarks regarding the coronavirus “one more instance of his sociopathic behavior.”

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