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Moscow protests aim to destabilize Putin government (Video)


The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss this weekends protests organized by liberal Russian opposition figures, demanding places on the ballot ahead of September’s Moscow city council elections. The protests blocked traffic along major Moscow streets, eventually ending in clashes with police.

The Saturday march was one of the largest unsanctioned rallies Moscow has seen in years, with estimates placing the number of participants at roughly 3,500 people, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ministry claims that 700 people in attendance were working as journalists. Various independent Russian media outlets estimate the protestors to have been over 5,000. Moscow police detained over 1,000 protesters, among them, professional provocateur Alexei Navalny.

In a recent turn of events, certain to embolden protestors, a Moscow doctor says Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny may have been poisoned while in prison.

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Via Zerohedge

Moscow’s most prominent opposition figure, Alexei Navalny, has been moved from jail to a local hospital in the Russian capital after officials said the rogue politician may have been poisoned.

According to BBC, officials said Navalny – who has been detained for the second day on Monday – was in “satisfactory” condition, and that though he may have had an allergic reaction, Navalny’s doctors said they demanded “fundamentals” like the prospect of using “disproportionate” things like making. More than 1,400 people were detained while protesting Navalny’s detention.

Navalny had been sentenced to 30 days for provoking an unsanctioned protest with other lawmakers.

The EU slammed Russia over the “disproportionate” use of force against the protesters, claiming it undermined the “fundamental freedoms of expression, association and assembly.”

then again, Russia isn’t exactly known for its tolerance of political dissent.

Смотрите, какое противостояние!https://t.co/vHfO6NY3Ky pic.twitter.com/cuYlFtcpp4

— Илья Варламов (@varlamov) July 27, 2019

According to the AP, access to Navalny is restricted, and Dr. Anastasiya Vasilyeva, Navalny’s physician, only managed to see him on Sunday afternoon. Doctors at the hospital initially said that Navalny was taken in after suffering a severe were region

At least 21 people, including Navalny’s supporters and journalists, “briefly detained outside the hospital Sunday evening. Still, hospital officials refused to run any additional tests on him.

Another Navalny ally, Leonid Volkov, said on Sunday that conditions at the prison were unsanitary.

Baton-wielding police on Saturday wrestled with protesters in arguably the largest unsanctioned protest in Russia in a decade.

Navalny has been the Kremlin’s most formidable foe since 2011, when Navalny led a massive wave of protests against Putin and his party. Since then, Navalny has been arrested many a times.

The hospital described  Navalny’s condition as satisfactory.

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